Ho, Ricky Yiu Hang 何耀恆

HKICPA bans May Chan Mei Mei and Ricky Ho Yiu Hang for 3 and 2 years, fines them and Asian Alliance (HK) CPA Ltd
HKICPA, 19-Dec-2019
For bad audits of Neo Telemedia (8167) in 2011 and 2012.
HKICPA fines Ronald Chan Chi Kei, Ricky Ho Yiu Hang & Asian Alliance (HK) CPA Ltd
HKICPA, 8-Aug-2019
For the duff audit work on Natural Dairy (NZ) (0462) 31-May-2011 annual accounts. The fine of HK$150k is only 21% of the audit fee.

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