Lo, Vincent Hong Sui 羅康瑞

Shui On Credit Co Ltd v Commissioner of Inland Revenue
HK Court of Final Appeal, 30-Nov-2009
A scheme involving the Shui On Centre is ruled by the highest court to be a tax dodge. Bankers Trust was "the source from which the whole scheme emanated." We wonder how many other companies used it.
The Independent Panda
Following our scoop that Vincent Lo's Shui On Group had an undisclosed interest in Panda-Recruit, the company put out an announcement which defined "independent" in a piece of legal dissection not seen since Bill Clinton's definition of "is". This affair highlights a much wider loophole in the Stock Exchange's definition of connected parties, as we explain. (11-Aug-2000)
Save the Panda
Successful dot-com IPOs are fast becoming an endangered species. Panda-Recruit Ltd, distributor of job ads to MTR passengers, starts trading on GEM tomorrow. The company is chaired by GEM Listing Chairman K S Lo, so you might think it was a sure bet. We don't think so. We also reveal the hidden owners of one of the shareholders. (19-Jul-2000)

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