Yam, Joseph Chi Kwong 任志剛

Let's Move Forward ad
HK Standard, 15-Jun-2015
The ad calls for the adoption of Beijing's proposal for electoral reform for the Chief Executive elections in 2017. Many of the signatories can easily be connected to Ronald and Johanna Arculli - several persons at his law firm King & Wood Mallesons, several directors at her charity Helping Hand, and directors of several companies or bodies of which he is or was a director.
Lucky eight line up behind poll hopeful
HK Standard, 21-Dec-2011
What else can you call a US$3.2tn market which has gained 358% in 20 months and trades on a historic P/E of over 60, which is probably closer to 80-100 if you take out stock-market and real-estate revaluations from "E". We look at the bubble, the impact on HK, the thru-train, the calls in HK for an A-H arbitrage mechanism, and how the bursting may affect the socio-political system. The absence of a free media is itself contributing to the bubble. (16-Sep-2007)
Yam's Thick Peg
After 18 months of destructive ambiguity, in which interest rates have been on the floor and property prices bubbling up to the ceiling, Joseph Yam has admitted the need for a two-way convertibility undertaking on the Hong Kong dollar. The bad news is that, for the sake of preserving bankers' jobs and banks' profits, we have a thick peg, 10 cents wide, and continuing uncertainty, rather than a fixed exchange rate. (27-May-2005)
Chief's allies rally round to raise HK$9.5m war chest
HK Standard, 25-May-2005
Destructive Ambiguity
The Hong Kong dollar was pegged twenty years ago today. We take aim at Yambo's latest whacky doctrine of "constructive ambiguity". The whole point of the peg in 1983 was to reduce uncertainty, not increase it. Uncertainty attracts speculators and certainty turns them off. So how can you profit from all this? We'll tell you. (15-Oct-2003)
The Client that got away
A light-hearted look at the events of Summer 1998. (28-Aug-1998)

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