Articles: HAMS proposal

Hong Kong's Markets Need More Sunshine
BusinessWeek, 1-May-2002
Government Rejects HAMS Proposal
In a dark day for corporate governance reforms, the Hong Kong Government has rejected the HAMS Proposal to establish an investor representation group. Without enabling legislation for a levy on investors' trading, there will be no funding and no HAMS. The news comes despite widespread endorsement from market participants who want investor representation, rights enforcement, and a higher quality market. (24-Apr-2002)
Campaigning in Hong Kong to stop abuses by controlling shareholders
International Herald Tribune, 8-Dec-2001
Widespread Support for HAMS Proposal is delighted to be publishing today the HAMS endorsement list. The list is an unprecedented multi-lateral show of support for a policy proposal in the Hong Kong financial markets. The Government expressed openness to the idea, and now the market has spoken, loud and clear. HAMS is an essential element of the future quality and success of our capital markets, and in turn our financial services sector, the core of our service-based economy. Now, it is up to the Government to proceed. (3-Sep-2001)
HAMS endorsement statement
Asiamoney, 1-Sep-2001
HAMS to the Rescue?
Wall Street Journal, 7-Aug-2001
Support HAMS
FinanceAsia, 1-Jul-2001
Interview: David Webb on HAMS
Investor Relations magazine, 1-May-2001
HAMS - Representing Minority Shareholders outlines our proposal for filling the vacuum of shareholder activism in Hong Kong. Investor rights are only of value if shareholders exercise them, and we explain how HAMS - the Hongkong Association of Minority Shareholders, would lobby for those rights, exercise them on members' behalf in quasi-class actions, and through Corporate Governance Ratings, incentivise good governance and deter shareholder abuse. Hong Kong can only maintain its regional financial market status and economic competitiveness if this void is filled. We'll also tell you how you can help. (4-Mar-2001)

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