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SFC launches Govt welfare scheme for property tycoons
Well, not all tycoons, only larger ones. (10-May-2021)
Union Medical Healthcare (2138) issues shares to Champion REIT (2778)Wrong turn for REITs
Company announcement, 29-Apr-2020
Instead of 5 months' rent from March to July 2020, the REIT gets 0.812% of its tenant's enlarged shares at $4.20 per share, valued at HK$33.9m. In our view, REITs should not be investing in the stock market, as we said when we objected to amending the Code on REITs to allow this in 2014. The SFC went ahead and did it anyway.
SFC gives go-ahead for REITs to punt stocks
SFC, 22-Jul-2014
It appears that Webb-site's submission on 2-Apr-2014, more than 3 months ago, was too late to be mentioned in the list of responses. It is very disappointing that the SFC has moved to allow REITs to start behaving the way many regular property companies do, punting stocks with their spare cash, and possibly buying stocks in the same developers that created them.
Wrong turn for REITs
Webb-site urges the SFC not to pollute the Real Estate Investment Trust market by allowing them to speculate in securities with unitholders' money. Surplus cash should be paid out to investors so that they can invest it themselves. That's what investors do. (2-Apr-2014)

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