Trio charged with fraud and forgery over HOS flat purchase
ICAC, 20-Dec-2018
A married couple allegedly understated their combined income by using a fake job for the wife from the 3rd defendant, thereby qualifying for the Government's discounted home ownership scheme.
Alleged cartel in Housing Authority renovation tender
HK Competition Commission, 6-Sep-2018
Housing Department surveyor and husband charged with HK$4.8m housing allowances fraud
ICAC, 11-Jul-2018
Once again, the real question is why the Government pays different amounts to employees with the same skills and experience based on whether they are married and whether their spouse has a housing allowance from his/her employer.
HK Government invasion of the housing market
HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam has ended her first year with a new set of interventions, building on the crumbling foundations of her predecessors. It's time for a major policy rethink. A government's role is to ensure that people have a home, not that they own one. And the government doesn't need to own homes either. (2-Jul-2018)
Ex-security guard jailed for being in 1 Country, 2 Systems simultaneously
ICAC, 19-Oct-2017
Mr Yim Yiu Chuen signed in to work in HK and then went off to the mainland on 60 occasions during his working hours. His successor Li Pak Ho is accused of doing a similar thing. They were supposed to be checking for unauthorised canines at public housing estates. Perhaps they went to see a man about a dog.
Housewife gets 8 weeks for public rental housing fraud
ICAC, 3-Jan-2017
9 months’ jail for bribery and fraud over employment of bar benders
ICAC, 23-Nov-2016
The Housing Authority contractor was paying H$1930 per day for a bar bender, but the worker was apparently willing to work for only HK$1330 per day net of kickback.
Family of 4 in court over public rental housing units fraud
ICAC, 22-Oct-2016
Allegedly: Mum & Dad bought their Public Rental Housing unit under the Tenant Purchase Scheme, then leased it out without paying land premium, while the kids pretended to live with Granny to get a PRH flat under the Families with Elderly Persons Priority Scheme, while Granny was actually in a care home.
Ex-bar bender in court for alleged bribery and fraud
ICAC, 7-Oct-2016
Computer and Technologies Solutions Ltd v Man Wai Tung
HK Court of First Instance, 30-Apr-2015
The subsidiary of C&T (0046) wins HK$1.8m in damages against a man involved in the revamp of the Housing Authority's web site. Webb-site founder David Webb holds over 5% of C&T.
HKSAR v Shum Chiu
HK Court of Appeal, 28-Feb-2011
HKSAR v Wong Hung Ki & Yu Chi Wai
HK Court of Final Appeal, 14-Sep-2010
Arrangements on Sale of Surplus HOS Flats under Phase 6 approved
HK Government, 17-May-2010
HKSAR v Wong Hung Ki & Yu Chi Wai
HK Court of Appeal, 11-May-2010
The Post Office Investment Fund
Following yesterday's Audit Commission report on Hongkong Post, we look at the potential closure of rural post offices, removal of its mail monopoly and universal service obligation, and its cash-rich balance sheet and prime property. We also discuss the Government's tendency to stash pots of money away in different bodies rather than pass recurrent spending through the budget and the Legislative Council and manage its liquid funds centrally. (22-Apr-2010)
Cooked auctions in HK
A Court of Appeal judgment overturns fraud convictions for bid-rigging for cooked food stalls at Tai Po Hui Market and makes clear that bid-rigging is perfectly legal. We call for the proposed competition law to make bid-rigging, price-fixing and other anti-competitive behaviour criminal offences. Civil tribunals won't cut it, not least because they cannot fine humans. In the meantime, the Government should include no-rigging warranties as a requirement for all tenders, so that they can prosecute for fraud. (8-Apr-2010)
Company director jailed for bribery and false accounting over HA projects
ICAC, 8-Jul-2009
Company director admits bribery and false accounting over HA building projects
ICAC, 22-Jun-2009
Comment: this is a perfect example of one of Hong Kong's cartels - the tender-rigging in itself was not illegal, because we don't have a competition law.
Shum Chiu v Secretary for Justice
HK Court of First Instance, 1-Apr-2009
Programme for sale of surplus HOS flats under Phase 5
HK Government, 27-Mar-2009
Trio guilty of bribery and false accounting over Housing Authority building projects
ICAC, 5-Dec-2008
Average selling prices for surplus HOS flats under Phase 4 and other sales arrangements approved
HK Government, 1-Aug-2008
Selling prices and income and asset limits approved for Phase 3 surplus HOS flats
HK Government, 31-Jan-2008
Shum Chiu, Wong Hung Ki, Yu Chi Wai & Ann Wong Tin Sum v Secretary for Justice
HK Court of Final Appeal, 19-Sep-2007
Average selling prices for surplus HOS flats under Phase 2 approved
HK Government, 12-Jul-2007
Secretary for Justice v Shum Chiu & Wong Hung Ki
HK Court of Appeal, 18-May-2007
LCQ4: Surplus Home Ownership Scheme flats
HK Government, 24-Jan-2007
Secretary for Justice v Shum Chiu, Wong Hung Ki, Yu Chi Wai & Ann Wong Tin Sum
HK Court of Appeal, 21-Dec-2006
Surplus Home Ownership Scheme Flats on Sale in early January
HK Government, 15-Dec-2006
Secretary for Justice v Shum Chiu, Wong Hung Ki, Yu Chi Wai & Ann Wong Tin Sum
HK Court of First Instance, 22-Dec-2005
LCQ3: Sales of surplus HOS flats
HK Government, 15-Jun-2005
LCQ4: Disposal Arrangements for Surplus HOS Flats
HK Government, 24-Mar-2004
Government "recommends" to HA suspension of HOS indefinitely, termination of PSPS, halting TPS
HK Government, 13-Nov-2002
Statement on Housing Policy
HK Government, 13-Nov-2002
Transcript of SHPL's press conference
HK Government, 13-Nov-2002
HA Welcomes Government's Statement on Housing Policy
HK Government, 13-Nov-2002
Statement by Chief Secretary Donald Tsang on Home Ownership Scheme
HK Government, 5-Jun-2002
Chief Secretary's transcript
HK Government, 5-Jun-2002
Chief Secretary Donald Tsang announces suspension of HOS till Jun-2002
HK Government, 3-Sep-2001

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