SFC obtains DQ against Duncan Chiu Tat Kun & Michael Lui Hung Kwong of Far East Holdings International Ltd (0036)Judgment
SFC, 9-Feb-2021
It's quite amazing that Duncan Chiu has been allowed to carry on as a government-appointed director of the Cyberport and Hospital Authority. Also notable that Mr Fong Hup of Deloitte gave a clean audit on the 2007 accounts after learning of the situation. Duncan Chiu now accepts that the accounts were misleading by omission and this amounted to misconduct. The INEDs, as Audit Committee, also signed off. The 2 respondents, along with late Chairman Deacon Chiu's assistant Wendy Yung Kim Bing, were acquitted in 2012 of criminal fraud charges relating to the same loan.
Ex-Hospital Authority doctors charged with misconduct in public office and theft
ICAC, 28-Nov-2018
All of them are opthalmologists. They allegedly referred public patients of Caritas Medical Centre to a private clinic operated by 2 of them who are brothers.
Hospital Authority doctor charged with MIPO
ICAC, 12-Jan-2018
Shatin Hospital cleaner in court over bribes-for-employment
ICAC, 28-Jul-2017
Submission to Public Engagement Exercise on Retirement Protection
We call for abolition of non-means-tested schemes, staggered subsidies for public healthcare and a deployment of the savings on a higher socal safety net and better healthcare. HK can't pursue a universal handout without breaching the Basic Law, and even if it could, the Laffer Curve may make it unsustainable as taxable profits and earnings would shift away. Finally, the MPF is a costly interventionist failure that should be scrapped, and if it is not, then LSP must be phased out to allow full portability of MPF assets. (21-Jun-2016)
Doctor gets 9 months for fraud over bogus appointments and theft of drugs
ICAC, 17-Jun-2013
Hospital fee revisions for non-eligible persons
HK Government, 26-Nov-2012
The SCMP article on 15-Dec "Hospital fee rise for non-permanent HKers" is wrong - Eligible Persons includes all residents with ID cards, including non-permanent residents.
Government re-appoints MTRC chairman, extending term to 12.5 years
HK Government, 29-Oct-2012
Whatever happened to the 6-year rule for Government appointments? Before becoming Chairman in 2003, Mr Ch'ien was an "independent" director since 1998, elected by Government as majority shareholder. Then there is Allan Zeman Chairing Ocean Park (now in an 11-year term), and Anthony Wu Chairing the Hospital Authority (now in a 9-year term, and having been on the board since 1999).
Medical officer jailed for $2.25m housing allowances fraud
ICAC, 29-Jun-2011
Another silly housing allowance case. The Hospital Authority should pay people what they are worth and not be concerned about how they spend it. He could have rented an identical home, and let out the one he bought, putting himself in almost the same economic position without breaking the rules.
Bauhinia Foundation's Lawrence Lee gets 7th year on Hospital Authority board
HK Gazette, 25-Mar-2011
That's beyond the 6-year rule, and keeps all 4 Bauhinia Foundation directors on the Hospital Authority board.
Bauhinia invasion at Hospital Authority!Government announcement
After Friday's appointments, effective 1-Dec-2010, all four directors of the tycoon-funded Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre Ltd are now members of the Hospital Authority, including the Chairman of both. Ironically, the Protector of the foundation, Charles Ho, is a cigarette tycoon. (22-Nov-2010)
Medical and health officer charged with misconduct
ICAC, 4-Aug-2010
Martin Jacques v Hospital Authority
HK Court of First Instance, 4-Mar-2009
Hospital Authority's response to arrest of hospital mortuary staff by ICAC
HK Government, 20-Jan-2009
Hospital Authority mortuary staff and funeral agents arrested in corruption probe
ICAC, 20-Jan-2009
Martin Jacques v Hospital Authority
HK Court of First Instance, 9-Sep-2008
Martin Jacques v Hospital Authority
HK Court of First Instance, 19-Jul-2007

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