Wu, Anthony Ting Yuk 胡定旭

HKICPA at last determines sanctions for E&Y, Anthony Wu Ting Yuk and Catherine Yen Kai Shun
HKICPA, 23-Jul-2014
HKICPA disciplinary decision against Anthony Wu, Catherine Yen & Ernst & Young
HKICPA, 24-Dec-2013
We are asked to believe that the decision was only handed down at the end of Christmas Eve, not held back to minimize embarrassment to the defendants.
Government re-appoints MTRC chairman, extending term to 12.5 years
HK Government, 29-Oct-2012
Whatever happened to the 6-year rule for Government appointments? Before becoming Chairman in 2003, Mr Ch'ien was an "independent" director since 1998, elected by Government as majority shareholder. Then there is Allan Zeman Chairing Ocean Park (now in an 11-year term), and Anthony Wu Chairing the Hospital Authority (now in a 9-year term, and having been on the board since 1999).
Anthony Wu Ting Yuk in HKICPA disciplinary proceedings
HKICPA, 29-Dec-2011
Political heavyweight Hospital Authority, HKGCC and Bauhinia Foundation Chairman Anthony Wu Ting Yuk and Ernst & Young (HK), the firm he chaired until 31-Dec-2005, top the list as the longest-outstanding disciplinary case of the HKICPA at 30-Nov-2011. Past or present E&Y partner Catherine Yen Kai Shun is involved in the same case, which has been running since 9-Dec-2009.
Lucky eight line up behind poll hopeful
HK Standard, 21-Dec-2011
Bauhinia invasion at Hospital Authority!Government announcement
After Friday's appointments, effective 1-Dec-2010, all four directors of the tycoon-funded Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre Ltd are now members of the Hospital Authority, including the Chairman of both. Ironically, the Protector of the foundation, Charles Ho, is a cigarette tycoon. (22-Nov-2010)
The New China Hong Kong Group Ltd v Ernst & Young and Anthony Wu Ting Yuk
HK Court of First Instance, 29-Aug-2008
Who is the Bauhinia Foundation?
We look into the Bauhinia Foundation, a tycoon-funded lobby group with an increasingly cosy relationship with Government, and the people behind it. BF refuses to disclose who funds it, or publish its accounts, claiming to be both private and a tax-exempt "trust of public character" at the same time. Who is making policy for HK - the Government, or a secretly-funded lobby group? (13-Jun-2008)

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