Hong Kong's not-so-free economy
The US-based Heritage Foundation has, as always, ranked HK as the freest economy in the World. For once, the Government doesn't accuse foreign forces of interfering in HK's internal affairs. But this rosy view is not held by those who take the time to study the domestic economy. Here are a few things that Heritage may have overlooked. (4-Feb-2018)
Government re-appoints MTRC chairman, extending term to 12.5 years
HK Government, 29-Oct-2012
Whatever happened to the 6-year rule for Government appointments? Before becoming Chairman in 2003, Mr Ch'ien was an "independent" director since 1998, elected by Government as majority shareholder. Then there is Allan Zeman Chairing Ocean Park (now in an 11-year term), and Anthony Wu Chairing the Hospital Authority (now in a 9-year term, and having been on the board since 1999).
Ticket tap turned off in Aqua rush
HK Standard, 7-Feb-2011
Ocean Park reaches capacity of 36,000 (equal to 0.5% of the population of HK) and closes the gates. Comment: clearly the tickets are underpriced on public holidays. As a Government-subsidised entity (soft loans and land), Ocean Park has a duty to the public to maximise its revenue and minimise its subsidy. A higher price should be set on public holidays to reduce the demand.

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