SFAT affirms SFC fine of Cardinalasia Consulting Ltd HK$1.5m, imposes heavier suspension on RO Edward Lee Shiu Lun, for failures in managing private fundsSFAT decision
SFC, 30-Jan-2023
There's a much bigger story beyond this case, involving Anthony Yeung Chun Wai and allegedly, Mr Deng Jun Jie.
Li En Qiang v Nova Direct Investment Ltd & others
HK Court of First Instance, 5-May-2017
HKICPA fines Shinewing (HK) CPA Ltd and Barry Ip Yu Chak HK$35k
HKICPA, 9-Feb-2015
This relates to the 2008 audit of China Water Industry (1129) and is another joke from the HKICPA - the fine of HK$35k is about 1.4% of the HK$2.58m (including an audit fee of $930k) that the company paid Shinewing in 2008.
MMT submits reports on dealings in ABC Communications (Holdings) Ltd shares
HK Government, 23-Dec-2011
MMT report on ABC Communications, Part 2Appendix 11
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 2-Nov-2011
MMT report on ABC Communications, Part 1Appendices 1-10
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 20-Oct-2011
Request for assistance - Mr Luk Chi Shing
SEHK, 17-Nov-2008
Censure of Company and Executive Directors
SEHK, 27-Aug-2008
Criticism of Mr Zhong Wen Sheng & Mr Vincent Sze Chun Ning, the board of Bonus Raider Investments Ltd
SFC, 4-Mar-2008
China Water Industry buys 35% of Jinan Hong Quan Water Supply for HK$230m cash
Company announcement, 29-Nov-2007
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 30-Apr-2003

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