Sze, Vincent Chun Ning 施俊寧

Re ABC Communications (0030) - insider dealing case
HK Court of Appeal, 17-Oct-2012
MMT submits reports on dealings in ABC Communications (Holdings) Ltd shares
HK Government, 23-Dec-2011
MMT report on ABC Communications, Part 2Appendix 11
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 2-Nov-2011
MMT report on ABC Communications, Part 1Appendices 1-10
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 20-Oct-2011
Referral to MMT of Vincent Sze Chun Ning, Wang Chao & Guo Aiwen
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 9-Apr-2010
To determine whether there was insider dealing in the shares of ABC Communications (0030) in Apr-2008 before its takeover offer. This document alleges that the persons who claimed at the time to own the offeror where in fact just nominees of Mr Wang Chao.
Censure of Company and Executive Directors
SEHK, 27-Aug-2008
Criticism of Mr Zhong Wen Sheng & Mr Vincent Sze Chun Ning, the board of Bonus Raider Investments Ltd
SFC, 4-Mar-2008

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