Ban Loong Holdings Limited 萬隆控股集團有限公司

41 endangered stocks
If HKEX proceeds with an ill-conceived Listing Rule change, companies with disclaimed audit reports for 2019 will be suspended and likely delisted, victimising minority shareholders. We now list those with disclaimed audits up to 30-Jun-2018 which would be affected if the rule applied today. Make your submission to stop this nonsense! (17-Nov-2018)
Ex-chairman of ABC (0030) gets 3 years for HK$1m bribery over acquisitionHall of Shame
ICAC, 25-Sep-2015
He is thereby inducted into the Webb-site Hall of Shame. The listed company has been renamed "Ban Loong Holdings Ltd".
Chen Jiasong, ED of ABC (0030), charged with bribery and fraud
ICAC, 31-Mar-2015
This is probably about the "Framework Agreement" announced on 5-Oct-2009, and the formal agreement announced on 11-Feb-2010, to acquire Gold Vast Holdings Ltd (BVI). The deal was terminated on 10-Jan-2011.
ABC (0030): Chairman Chen Jiasong arrested and bailed by ICAC
Company announcement, 17-Jul-2014
Re ABC Communications (0030) - insider dealing case
HK Court of Appeal, 17-Oct-2012
ABC (0030): breach of Listing Rules: late results
Company announcement, 3-Jul-2012
MMT submits reports on dealings in ABC Communications (Holdings) Ltd shares
HK Government, 23-Dec-2011
MMT report on ABC Communications, Part 2Appendix 11
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 2-Nov-2011
MMT report on ABC Communications, Part 1Appendices 1-10
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 20-Oct-2011
Referral to MMT of Vincent Sze Chun Ning, Wang Chao & Guo Aiwen
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 9-Apr-2010
To determine whether there was insider dealing in the shares of ABC Communications (0030) in Apr-2008 before its takeover offer. This document alleges that the persons who claimed at the time to own the offeror where in fact just nominees of Mr Wang Chao.
Concentration warning in ABC Communications
SFC, 19-Aug-2009
Breach of public float requirement
Company announcement, 22-Sep-2008

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