Concerns grow for endangered species at Fanling
The natural habitat of the lesser-spotted Hong Kong golfer is at risk. (26-Sep-2018)
Chinese Estates (0127) to sell Windsor House to controlling shareholder Joseph Lau
Company announcement, 23-Dec-2015
By buying the BVI company which indirectly owns the property, they avoid the 8.5% stamp duty which would have cost HK$918m on the $10.8bn property. Incidentally, the Windsor House company owns a nominee membership of The Hong Kong Golf Club valued at HK$12.6m.
Fanling: statement by HK Golf Club
Company media release, 30-Jul-2013
The Hong Kong Golf Club, annual report, 31-Dec-2012
Company filing, 4-Jun-2013
Note 4 on page 42: land leases. Part of the Fanling site was on a 7-year short-term tenancy which expired 31-Aug-2009 and since then has been extended at the Government's discretion - so they can take that back whenever they want. Another chunk of the Fanling site is leased until 31-Aug-2020. In Deep Water Bay, the 15-year lease expired 25-Dec-2011, and at the time of the accounts, an extension ran to 25-Mar-2013. Transfer fees for 4 debentures generated $8.72m in 2012, and entrance fees for new members generated $29.97m. They should stop asking for taxpayer's money to subsidize the HK Open and sell a new debenture or two.

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