China Huarong (Macau) International Company Limited 中國華融(澳門)國際股份有限公司

Freeman (0279) renegotiates US$99m convertible held by 51% subsidiary of China Huarong (2799)
Company announcement, 18-Oct-2018
This comes 20 days after they renegotiated the other HK$429m CB held by Huarong Inv (2277) which is also a subsidairy of China Huarong. The conversion price of both is reduced from $0.425 to $0.065.
Huarong and the Chung Nam Network
Webb-site can reveal another SFC investigation underway involving dealings in Pak Wing (8316). The manipulation of this GEM bubble reveals another connection between China Huarong (2799) and what we call the "Chung Nam Network". The more we scrutinise Huarong, the worse it looks. Will the State end up bailing out the bailer? (3-Oct-2018)
Freeman (0279) renegotiates convertible bond held by Huarong Inv (2277)Huarong Inv announcement
Company announcement, 28-Sep-2018
The share price having boomed and then bust since the CB was issued, they have agreed to slash the conversion price from $0.425 to $0.065 and boost the coupon from 4% to 7%. As a result, Huarong Inv could end up with 29.63% of Freeman, which also has outstanding US$99m of convertible bonds held by Huarong Macau, a fellow subsidiary of China Huarong Asset Management (2799), also convertible at $0.425.
Pak Wing (8316): Chairman borrows against 67% stakeDisclosure of interest
Company announcement, 31-Aug-2017
The lender is not named, but subsequent disclosures of interests show that it is China Huarong Macau (HK) Investment Holdings Ltd, which is ultimately 51% owned by China Huarong Asset Management (2799).
HongDa Financial (1822) to issue HK$200m CB to China Huarong Macau
Company announcement, 22-Aug-2017
The subscriber is 51% owned by China Huarong Asset Management (2799).
Freeman (0279) issues US$100m CB to Macau arm of China Huarong (2799)
Company announcement, 6-Jun-2017
The subscriber is a 100% subsidiary of China Huarong (Macau) International Co Ltd, which is 51% owned by China Huarong (2799).

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