SFC restricts 17 accounts at Emperor Securities and Get Nice Securities linked to suspected social media ramp-and-dump scamRestriction Notice
SFC, 26-Nov-2021
The Gazette Notice dated 1-Nov-2021 but published on 26-Nov-2021 reveals the stock is Chinlink (0997), which plunged 78% on 28-Oct-2021. The total restricted amount is HK$312.2m.
Huarong and the Chung Nam Network
Webb-site can reveal another SFC investigation underway involving dealings in Pak Wing (8316). The manipulation of this GEM bubble reveals another connection between China Huarong (2799) and what we call the "Chung Nam Network". The more we scrutinise Huarong, the worse it looks. Will the State end up bailing out the bailer? (3-Oct-2018)
MMT finds ex-CEO of SuperRobotics (8176) and 2 others culpable of market manipulation
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 7-Aug-2018
That was 3 name changes ago, in 2009. None of the 3 actively defended themselves, 1 sending a lawyer's letter from Taiwan and another claiming she was too depressed to instruct a lawyer, a claim which the MMT rejected. We wait to see what sanctions will be determined. The report covers the funds flow in detail, involving concerted trading between 2 groups of accounts which the MMT finds were funded and coordinated by Samantha Keung.
SFC bans Mr Ng Chau, ex-Get Nice Securities, for 6 months
SFC, 17-Dec-2017
Chuang's (0367) moves 60.82% of Midas (1172) from Get Nice Securities to Kingston Securities
Chuang's announced on 1-Sep-2017 that it is in talks to dispose of the stake. (13-Dec-2017)
Bubbles and troubles in Hong Kong
Pour yourself a coffee and digest this long article as we investigate several ongoing abusive "open offers" and placings as well as show you who's been making out in multi-billion-dollar bubbles. We call on regulators and rule-makers to take action. (24-Sep-2015)
Charles Chan Kwok Keung subscribes 780m shares (7.67%) of SMI (0198) @$0.285
Company announcement, 20-Aug-2014
SEHK rejects listing application for placing by Unity (0913)
Company announcement, 21-Dec-2009
China Strategic bubble
We warn investors of a bubble in the stock of China Strategic, the 80% owner of the proposed buyer of Taiwan's Nan Shan Life Insurance, partly financed by a massive note issue convertible into 78bn shares at $0.10 each. We publish the placing list and analyse the names in the deal. Finally, we warn investors to avoid 7 companies in the "Chung Nam network", which has lost HK$6.2bn in 5 years. (13-Nov-2009)
Byford bubble
Investors should beware of a bubble in Byford (8272), which boasts two celebrity shareholders - New World Development's Cheng Yu Tung and Angela Leong, a wife of casino tycoon Stanley Ho. Both apparently paid 186x net asset value for the shares. (1-Jun-2009)
SFC fines Ms Chow Chuen Ho for breaching Code of Conduct and staff policy
SFC, 18-Apr-2006
SFC suspends Mr Yan Chi Ping for 4 months for deceiving employer Get Nice Investment Ltd
SFC, 18-Nov-2005
SFC suspends Mr Lau Pak Tong for 5 weeks for breaching the know-your-client rule
SFC, 7-Oct-2005
SFC suspends Ms Cheng She Ching for 6 weeks for improper handling of client accounts
SFC, 22-Mar-2004
SFC reprimands Get Nice Investment Ltd, Mr Hung Hon Man & Mr Frankie Shum Kin Wai
SFC, 30-Jul-2003
SFC reprimands Get Nice Investment Ltd & Mr Frankie Shum Kin Wai
SFC, 20-Oct-2000
The Dilution Solution
In the ongoing Pacific Challenge story, the board has made its next move after their cash acquisition of was blocked by independent shareholders. Now they are trying to issue shares to "independent third parties" to raise cash for which there is no present need. Kistefos, a Norwegian 26% independent shareholder, spoke exclusively to (1-Aug-2000)
SFC reprimands Mr Lau Yik Kwan
SFC, 15-Jun-2000
SFC suspends Ms Dora Lai Sze Man for 1 month
SFC, 10-Jun-1999

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