Court allows TVB (0511) judicial review of Takeovers Panel ruling
SFC, 4-Oct-2017
TVB (0511) v Takeovers and Mergers Panel
HK Court of First Instance, 4-Oct-2017
Note: the word "waiver" is misspelt "wavier" 3 times in this judgment.
Takeovers Panel’s ruling on TVB (0511) whitewash waiver and disclosure of shareholding structure
SFC, 10-May-2017
Takeovers Panel rules on whitewash waiver in relation to TVB (0511)
SFC, 10-May-2017
CA orders trial judge to convict Stephen Chan Chi Wan, ex-GM of TVB, and Edthancy Tseng Pei Kun
ICAC, 26-Oct-2015
What a saga - over 4 years of proceedings, 2 acquittals, and it ain't quite over yet. Poon Siu Tung is Chief Judge of the District Court, by the way.
TVB v Communications Authority & ExCo: costs
HK Court of First Instance, 22-Jul-2013
TVB v Communications Authority & ExCo
HK Court of First Instance, 13-May-2013
TV licensing in HK: what a mess
HK Government, 11-Jan-2012
Unlike cellphone networks, TV stations don't have to bid for their radio spectrum, and can squat on it with only cursory reviews. The Chief Executive of HK decides who should be allowed to broadcast. Let the market decide instead.
TV senior executives and company director charged for alleged corruption and fraud
ICAC, 16-Sep-2010
Five arrested for alleged corruption over entertainment show contracts
ICAC, 12-Mar-2010
Statement re TVB
ICAC, 11-Mar-2010
The company isn't named, but TVB just named itself and the 4 arrested employees on its evening news.
Lights, camera...budget!
We look at the recent history of HK Government intervention in the movie industry, the land grants involved, and the proposal to throw HK$300m of public money into private movie production. We urge LegCo to cut this scene from Hong Kong's script. Tell them what you think in our opinion poll. (9-Mar-2007)
SFC prosecutes Louis Rajkumar Page for disclosure failure at TVB (0511)
SFC, 23-Jun-2004
Vampire bites TVB
At TVB's AGM last week, despite the foreign ownership restrictions which made it difficult to vote, investors voted against the general general issue mandate by an estimated margin of 80% to 20%, the 7th index win for Project Vampire. (4-Jun-2003)
AGM results
Company announcement, 28-May-2003
TVB voting advice
Due to an outdated law on broadcasters, TVB is the only company with foreign ownership restrictions on its HK-listed shares, which makes voting incredibly complicated. Still, we'll give it a try, and recommend investors vote against the re-election of an INED and of course, against the issue mandate. This is the 18th meeting in Project Poll. (19-May-2003)
Breach of Listing Rules
Company announcement, 5-Jan-2001

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