Hong Kong Film Development Council 香港電影發展局

Getting to 601: How Beijing controls the HK Chief Executive election
Carrie Lam continues to peddle the lie that the Chief Executive Election Committee is "broadly representative", often unchallenged by foreign media. We explain exactly how it is rigged, and how with enough political courage, she could unrig it and introduce democracy through local legislation, without Beijing's approval. (28-Jan-2020)
Govt to designate cinema sites in next land sale
RTHK, 13-Mar-2017
Because of course, in its infallible and infinite wisdom, the Government knows how many cinemas there should be and where to put them, and the market doesn't. If this isn't central planning, then what is? What has become of HK's market economy?
CreateHK launches taxpayer subsidies for uncommercial films
HK Government, 9-Nov-2015
Another nail in HK's free market coffin.
No happy endings in movie investmentsOur submission in 2007
HK Standard, 15-Nov-2012
We told you so! Like all bad movies, the ending was predictable. If these movies were commercially viable then they would find private-sector funding without taxpayer support. Webb-site opposed the Film Development Fund in a submission and appearance in LegCo in 2007.
Audit Commission report on Government's financial support to film industry
HK Government, 14-Nov-2012
The report is dated 26-Oct-2012 but was published on 14-Nov-2012.
Submission to LegCo on Movie Fund
Webb-site.com editor David Webb has made the following submission to the Legislative Council's Information and Technology Broadcast Panel for its meeting on 17-Apr-07, incorporating the results of our opinion poll. (10-Apr-2007)
Lights, camera...budget!
We look at the recent history of HK Government intervention in the movie industry, the land grants involved, and the proposal to throw HK$300m of public money into private movie production. We urge LegCo to cut this scene from Hong Kong's script. Tell them what you think in our opinion poll. (9-Mar-2007)
Government Film Guarantee Fund approves new loan guarantee
HK Government, 11-Oct-2005

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