2 additional alleged syndicate members charged in pump-and-dump case

Two additional syndicate members charged in ramp-and-dump case

Issue date: 2023-04-21 17:13:29

Two additional suspects appeared at the Eastern Magistracy today and were charged with money laundering related offences, following an earlier joint operation between the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and the Police against a large-scale and sophisticated syndicate suspected of operating “ramp-and-dump” market manipulation (Note 1).

No plea was taken from Ms Wong Yin Ling and Ms Tse Yi Kwan, who are family members of another suspect of the syndicate, Ms Tse Yiu Chung, who was charged earlier (Note 2).

The Court adjourned the case to 4 October 2023 and granted bail to Wong and Tse on these conditions: (i) not to leave Hong Kong; (ii) surrender all travel documents; (iii) report to police station on regular basis; and (iv) cash bail of $800,000.

The latest legal proceedings bring the total number of people charged to 24, following a series of extensive investigations by the SFC and the Police into suspected “ramp-and-dump” stock investment schemes and suspected money laundering activities.

No further comment will be made as legal proceedings have commenced.



  1. Please see the press release of SFC dated 17 April 2023.
  2. Please see the press release of SFC dated 4 April 2023.
News captured as of:2023-04-21 17:13:29

Source: SFC




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