Chui, Hoi Yee 徐凱怡

HKICPA bans Mr Chui Yiu Hang for 1 yearJudgment (Chinese)
HKICPA, 21-Apr-2021
For "bringing or likely to bring discredit on the accounting profession" by "taking a video of the thigh of a 28 year old female as she was walking", for which he was earlier convicted and jailed for 6 weeks. He unsuccessfully appealed the conviction.
HKICPA fines Zenith CPA Ltd, Cheng Po Yuen & Keung Yee ManRe Leung Sze Chit
HKICPA, 2-Feb-2021
For bad work on the 2011 audit of China Health (0673). At para 45, the decision wrongly states (on HKICPA advice) that in a previous case (Leung Sze Chit, 2013) the respondent "was not reprimanded", and decides not to reprimand Ms Keung, who submitted that she was too inexperienced when she was appointed as the Engagement Quality Control Reviewer. In fact, Mr Leung was reprimanded. The committee also decries the delay in commencing proceedings (the case was referred by the AIB/FRC) and calls on the HKICPA to consider a minimum post-qualification experience requirement for ECQRs.
HKICPA bans Mr Wong Tam Yee (fka Wong Sin Lai/Lei) for 2 years
HKICPA, 30-Jul-2020

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