Chik, Tony Ho Yin 植浩然

SFC obtains disqualification orders against ex-directors of EganaGoldpfeilEgana and Upbest
SFC, 11-May-2020
Almost 13 years after Webb-site blew the whistle on this fraudulent firm, which promptly collapsed, 3 of the culprits are banned as directors for 6-9 years. No compensation order is made. We remain surprised that no criminal charges were made.
SFC seeks disqualification and HK$2.13bn compensation orders against former directors of EganaGoldpfeil (0048)
SFC, 1-Aug-2011
We'd be amazed if they ever collect a penny, even if the order is granted. The defendants can just go through personal bankruptcy while they are serving (part of) the disqualification time. This does not preclude the possibility of criminal charges for fraud or false accounting in the case.

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