Yeung, Albert Sau Shing 楊受成

Hong Kong's Memory Hole
Wall Street Journal, 20-Nov-2015
Albert Yeung Sau Shing v Google Inc.
HK Court of First Instance, 29-Oct-2014
Albert Yeung Sau Shing v Google Inc.
HK Court of First Instance, 5-Aug-2014
New Jersey Casino Control Commission report on MGM, Pansy Ho and Stanley Ho
New Jersey Casino Control Commission, 17-Mar-2010
Issued on 18-May-2009 and published in the USA in redacted form on 17-Mar-2010
Music boss cleared in Juno Mak bribe case
South China Morning Post, 4-Jun-2004
ICAC duped me into saying I accepted bribe, says music boss
South China Morning Post, 29-May-2004
Albert Yeung associates quizzed over visa bribe claims
South China Morning Post, 19-Jul-2003
Controlling shareholder attends ICAC
Company announcement, 16-Jul-2003
Pop singer Joey Yung in clear over assault
South China Morning Post, 31-Aug-2001
Football boss demands an apology over arrest
South China Morning Post, 17-Aug-2001
Albert Yeung: 'I am willing to co-operate . . . I hope police solve the case as soon as possible'
South China Morning Post, 16-Aug-2001
I have full confidence in police, says arrested star
South China Morning Post, 15-Aug-2001
Mr Ching Wai Man appointed INED of Vision Tech (0922)
Company announcement, 20-Jun-2001
We note that one Paul Ching Wai Man, reportedly a former senior Vice President of Emperor International Exchange, was one of 5 witnesses who suffered from amnesia at the criminal intimidation trial of Emperor boss Albert Yeung Sau Shing in 24-May-1995. Mr Yeung was then acquitted. Also joining the Vision Tech board, as executive directors, are 3 executive directors of Emperor International Holdings Ltd.
Insider Dealing Tribunal submits report to Financial Secretary
HK Government, 25-Sep-1998
Report of Insider Dealing Tribunal
IDT, 8-Jun-1998
Yeung admits insider trading
South China Morning Post, 21-Apr-1998
Hearing by Insider Dealing Tribunal
HK Government, 17-Apr-1998
The Queen v Michael Lam Yih Jun
HK Court of First Instance, 3-May-1996
On appeal, Mr Lam gets his six-week sentence suspended for 1 year.
Silent witness in Emperor tycoon trial fights sentence
South China Morning Post, 12-Apr-1996
ICAC, police to combat witness loss
HK Standard, 9-Feb-1996
Witness who won't talk jailed
South China Morning Post, 30-Nov-1995
Silent witness sentence
South China Morning Post, 28-Nov-1995
Cut-throat world of forex backdrop
South China Morning Post, 27-Oct-1995
The key players
HK Standard, 27-Oct-1995
Documents in costs bid to stay secret
South China Morning Post, 27-Oct-1995
Emperor boss walks free again
South China Morning Post, 27-Oct-1995
Yeung cleared of bid to pervert justice
HK Standard, 27-Oct-1995
Defence in attempt to clear tycoon
HK Standard, 25-Oct-1995
Yeung aide denies court bribe
HK Standard, 14-Oct-1995
Dealer denies asking tycoon for $30 million
HK Standard, 14-Oct-1995
Yeung witness proves evasive
HK Standard, 3-Oct-1995
Silent witness in suspense
South China Morning Post, 22-Sep-1995
Witness fails to explain video
South China Morning Post, 15-Sep-1995
Yeung was an ICAC agent, says defence
South China Morning Post, 14-Sep-1995
Witness tells of `secret talks' with tycoon
HK Standard, 8-Sep-1995
Yeung's arrest 'stopped Jiang meeting'
South China Morning Post, 8-Sep-1995
Witness vowed to cover up talks on intimidation
HK Standard, 7-Sep-1995
Witness to appeal on silence rule
South China Morning Post, 22-Jul-1995
Witness to appeal `refusal' ruling
HK Standard, 22-Jul-1995
Sorry, M'Lud, I forget
HK Standard, 15-Jul-1995
`New law' must tackle trial farce
HK Standard, 13-Jul-1995
Emperor executive cleared over attack
HK Standard, 13-Jul-1995
Emperor executive `tried to stop attack'
HK Standard, 12-Jul-1995
Memory loss blamed on cash fear
South China Morning Post, 11-Jul-1995
'Forgetful' witnesses must suffer
HK Standard, 11-Jul-1995
Poor protection blamed for witness silence
South China Morning Post, 1-Jul-1995
`Memory loss' witness ruled in contempt
HK Standard, 1-Jul-1995
Witnesses' amnesia clears 30
HK Standard, 15-Jun-1995
Bad memory witness case adjourned
South China Morning Post, 6-Jun-1995
Yeung trial witness delays giving evidence
HK Standard, 6-Jun-1995
Prosecutions chief hints at way to cure witness amnesia
HK Standard, 6-Jun-1995
Ups and downs of the Emperor
HK Standard, 28-May-1995
ICAC chief says witnesses can be protected
HK Standard, 27-May-1995
Traffic was reason Yeung escaped ticket
HK Standard, 27-May-1995
Court forgetfulness `unknown'
HK Standard, 27-May-1995
Legal cure vital for lapse of memory
HK Standard, 27-May-1995
Tycoon Yeung acquitted
South China Morning Post, 26-May-1995
"The trial of Emperor tycoon Albert Yeung Sau-shing came to an abrupt end yesterday after all five prosecution witnesses said they could not remember details of the alleged offences."
Witnesses law effective: prosecutor; Despite collapse of tycoon case, no need to look at legislation
HK Standard, 26-May-1995
Tycoon free as case folds
HK Standard, 26-May-1995
Tycoon walks free in Amnesia case
HK Standard, 26-May-1995
Legislators urge probe into witness forgetfulness
HK Standard, 26-May-1995
More witnesses 'lose memory' ;Details forgotten at trial
South China Morning Post, 25-May-1995
Memories fail in trial of tycoon
HK Standard, 25-May-1995
Amnesia catching in tycoon's trial
South China Morning Post, 25-May-1995
Emperor boss trial adjourned
South China Morning Post, 24-May-1995
'Changed situation' delays trial of tycoon
HK Standard, 24-May-1995
Key witness tells court of fear ;Alleged victim in trial of Emperor tycoon pleads loss of memory
South China Morning Post, 23-May-1995
Key Emperor witness too frightened to testify
HK Standard, 23-May-1995
Emperor 'sorry' on arrest reaction
South China Morning Post, 5-May-1995
Tycoon denies charge
HK Standard, 2-May-1995
ICAC arrests tycoon
South China Morning Post, 2-May-1995
Emperor boss bailed for alleged conspiracy ;Sonny Yeung arrested
South China Morning Post, 12-Apr-1995
Emperor chief says charges `ridiculous'
HK Standard, 11-Mar-1995
Attorney General v Yeung Sau Shing
HK Court of Appeal, 13-Jul-1981
Sentence for perverting the course of public justice, increased upon review to 9 months' immediate imprisonment.
The Queen v Yeung Sau Shing
HK Court of Appeal, 4-May-1981
The Court of Appeal upholds Mr Yeung's conviction for attempting to pervert the course of public justice by inciting Wai Kin-bong to give false evidence at a contemplated prosecution of Tony Cruz for assaulting the said Wai Kin Bong on 10-Feb-1979.

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