Tsang, John Chun Wah 曾俊華

Webb on "Backchat" re John Tsang's dishwasher
RTHK, 28-Oct-2015
Legislator Kenneth Leung Kai Cheong takes Cathay junket with Financial Secretary to Dusseldorf
HK Legislative Council, 24-Sep-2015
The filing discloses that a donation (how much?) will be made (by whom?) to the HK Committee for UNICEF.
Financial Secretary to visit political leaders in 3 democratic countries
HK Government, 24-Oct-2014
He is standing in for C Y Leung, who stays at home to deal with the democracy protests.
HK Financial Secretary starts visit to democratic country
HK Government, 7-Oct-2014
The dividend tax myth
We correct the Financial Secretary's latest gaffe and explain why a further tax on corporate profits in the form of a dividend tax would necessitate a steeper salaries tax, a capital gains tax, a tax on worldwide investment income and ultimately a loss of economic output and revenue. It is a myth that dividends are tax-free. (5-Mar-2013)
Financial Secretary explains HK property market to Friends from the rest of the Universe
HK Government, 3-May-2012
Heart-op finance chief raring to go
HK Standard, 6-Oct-2009
Senior appointments announced
HK Government, 24-Jan-2006
Principal Officials appointed
HK Government, 4-Aug-2003
Transcript of SCIT, John Tsang Chun Wah
HK Government, 4-Aug-2003
Senior appointments announced
HK Government, 11-Jul-2001

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