HKSAR Independent Commission Against Corruption 香港特別行政區廉政公署

ICAC visits Magnus Concordia (1172)
Company announcement, 31-Oct-2023
They are investigating "certain transactions of our Company which were handled by the past management and directors of the Company from 2018 to 2020."
MOG Digitech (1942): our Chairman was arrested by the ICAC, bailed without charges and is now in the mainland
Company announcement, 13-Oct-2023
China Zenith Chemical (0362): Chairman & CEO Foebe Chan Yuk arrested by ICAC
Company announcement, 29-Sep-2023
SFC and ICAC joint operation against suspected market manipulation syndicate
SFC, 29-Aug-2023
Involving ramps in the shares of 2 unnamed listed companies. We can tell you that one is Alliance International Education Leasing (1563), where the bubble has already burst, and the other is probably MOG Digitech (1942), which is still in a bubble. The SFC has issued Restriction Notices issued to 6 brokers to freeze certain client accounts.
Brilliance China (1114): Chairman Wu Xiao An (aka Ng Siu On) arrested and bailed by ICAC
Company announcement, 8-Aug-2023
He is also Chairman of associated company Xinchen China Power (1148).
AMCO (0630): INED Mr Chan Tsz Keung under investigation
Company announcement, 16-Mar-2023
AMCO was a member of our 2017 "Enigma Network". Mr Chan was then SFC-licensed at Suncorp Securities, owned by Suncorp (1063), another Enigma company, and in 2018 moved to Astrum Capital Management (a broker in the network) until 2021. Today's announcement coincides with an SFC-ICAC investigation of an alleged pump-and-dump syndicate announced on 15-Mar, which involved "qualified accountants and senior executives of a number of Hong Kong-listed companies". We've already seen another Enigma company, CAID (0048) announced that an ED is under investigation.
China Automotive Interior Decoration (0048): an ED is under investigationSupplement
Company announcement, 15-Mar-2023
This coincides with an SFC-ICAC joint arrest operation announced on 15-Mar, which involved "qualified accountants and senior executives of a number of Hong Kong-listed companies". CAID was one of 50 listed companies in our "Enigma Network" of 2017. The supplemental announcement names the ED as Warren Wong Ho Yin.
5 more arrested in SFC-ICAC joint operation against sophisticated ramp-and-dump syndicate
SFC, 15-Mar-2023
Founder (0418): INED Mr Lau Ka Wing is under investigation by a HK authorityUpdate
Company announcement, 15-Mar-2023
The Board was "made aware from announcements published by other listed companies" and "has not been able to reach Mr Lau". Update: he has resigned from Founder "due to his other business commitments".
ABC Multiactive (8131): ED Mr Lau Ka Wing is under investigation by a HK authority
Company announcement, 15-Mar-2023
The board was "made aware from the published news with the Stock Exchange" and "has not been able to contact Mr. Lau".
Green Energy (0979): INED Mr Lau Ka Wing is under investigation by a HK authority
Company announcement, 14-Mar-2023
The company "has not been able to reach Mr Lau".
HK$4.5m bail forfeited by Chim co-accused Ma Zhonghong
HK Standard, 6-Dec-2022
"The prosecution said Ma turned himself in to the Immigration Department last September, admitting he was smuggled into Hong Kong by sea in June... On October 3, the ICAC went to his hotel when he failed to report his whereabouts, finding only the tracking device there. After checking surveillance camera footage, ICAC officers found Ma had left the hotel at 4am that day."
Hao Wen (8019): certain regulatory authorities attended an HK office on 9-Nov
Company announcement, 15-Nov-2022
The uncertain authorities would be the ICAC and SFC, based on their announcements of 10-Nov.
CBK (8428): a regulatory authority attended the head office in HK on 9-Nov
Company announcement, 11-Nov-2022
This was probably the SFC or ICAC, given the large joint raid they announced yesterday.
'Mastermind' held over penny stocks ramp-and-dump scam
HK Standard, 11-Nov-2022
SFC and ICAC joint operation against sophisticated ramp-and-dump syndicateICAC announcement
SFC, 10-Nov-2022
Wan Cheng Metal Packaging (8291): a regulatory authority attended the head office on 9-Nov
Company announcement, 10-Nov-2022
This was probably the SFC or ICAC, given the large joint raid they announced on 10-Nov.
Ma Zhonghong jumps bail in ICAC case involving Chim Pui Chung and sonJoining the dots
ICAC, 25-Oct-2022
We explained the background to this case in our article of 21-Nov-2021.
Joining the dots on the ICAC case against Chim Pui Chung and others
The ex-legislator is once again facing criminal charges, this time with his son and others. We examine the past connections between the defendants and the connection between an alleged co-conspirator and one of the subscribers of convertible notes, who has not been charged. (21-Nov-2021)
Sunway (0058) confirms MD Li Chongyang was arrested and bailed by ICAC
Company announcement, 16-Aug-2021
Yuen Chi Ping suspended as ED and CEO of Applied Dev (0519) pending outcome of ICAC investigation
Company announcement, 10-Jun-2020
Applied Dev (0519): a director is under ICAC investigation
Company announcement, 4-Jun-2020
Job seeker admits seeking employments by using false academic proofs and deception
ICAC, 12-Sep-2018
After fooling 2 Government departments, in 2013 Mr Poon Hoi Kan applied for an ICAC job using his bogus Australian graduation certificate. We note that he was convicted in Sep-2016 of disclosing to others that his elder brother was under ICAC investigation, after getting his wife to file a complaint in 2015 with the ICAC. Poon got 140 hours of community service for that.
ICAC searches Town Health (3886) offices again
Company announcement, 23-Aug-2018
The first raid was on 9-Feb-2018, jointly with the SFC. This time the ICAC is interested in the "office or workplace occupied by a person". Town Health is in the "Enigma Network" revealed by Webb-site in May 2017.
ICAC and SFC raided Town Health (3886) offices on 9-Feb
Company announcement, 13-Feb-2018
Comment: this is another step forward in the investigation of the "Enigma Network" which Webb-site first exposed last year.
Legislators visit ICAC and the Three Rickies
ICAC, 23-Sep-2016
...and the current ICAC Commissioner Simon Peh "reiterated that ceasing the acting arrangement of an individual officer [Rebecca Li] had absolutely nothing to do with any investigations [of C Y Leung's payments from UGL]". This is getting UGLy.
Ricky Yau Shu Chun changes his mind, stays at ICAC
ICAC, 29-Jul-2016
So there are now a trio of Rickies at the top of the ICAC - that's tricky!
Ricky Yau Shu Chun quits ICAC, prompts reshuffle
ICAC, 29-Jul-2016
Rebecca Li Bo Lan leaves ICAC, Ricky Yau Shu Chun appointed acting Head of Operations
ICAC, 7-Jul-2016
She was appointed as acting Head of Operations less than a year ago, on 17-Jul-2015.
Tom Lee Music practices not fair play
We look behind an ICAC prosecution of music teachers and find bad practices at the tax-exempt Tom Lee Music Foundation, which requires its teachers to exclusively push products for Tom Lee Music Company. (28-Feb-2016)
Superworth International Ltd & others v ICAC
HK Court of Appeal, 6-Nov-2015
ICAC announces directorate appointments
ICAC, 17-Jul-2015
Ex-MVA enumerator sentenced for fraud over ICAC annual survey
ICAC, 13-Jan-2015
Sidney Chau Foo Cheong v ICAC
HK Court of First Instance, 10-Nov-2014
Mr Chau, former head of security at HK Airport, succeeds in getting some documents back, claiming legal professional privilege.
Ex-MVA enumerator charged with fraud over ICAC annual survey
ICAC, 5-Nov-2014
It takes some gall to fake the results of ICAC survey questionnaires on corruption!
Nine in court for alleged HK$437.5k student loan fraud
ICAC, 22-Aug-2014
Sloppy work by the ICAC's PR department. They fail to define SFAA (it's the Student Financial Assistance Agency of the HK Government) and they fail to say what the NTL scheme is. It is the Non-means-tested Loan scheme, which in any case should be defined as "NML" or "NMTL".
A v ICAC: costs
HK Court of Final Appeal, 11-Jan-2013
HK Court of Final Appeal, 13-Nov-2012
We suspect this will be a high-profile case. The ICAC is investigating an alleged conspiracy, involving the Chairman of a "Hong Kong company", to offer bribes in HK to an overseas public official (probably from mainland China). "A" has just lost his case that he should not have to co-operate with the investigation, to avoid self-incrimination. In an earlier judgment on 28-Jan-2010, "B" lost his case that the law didn't apply to overseas officials. High-powered barristers were employed, including a London QC. Who are A, B, and the Chairman, and whom were the conspirators allegedly conspiring to bribe?
Twenty-one arrested for alleged graft over supply of ice to restaurants
ICAC, 7-Nov-2012
A spokesperson said that this was a cold case until officers spotted the suspects and shouted "freeze".
ICAC and DoJ to LegCo: please can we have some money to prosecute Rafael Hui & the Kwoks?
HK Legislative Council, 7-Nov-2012
So what happens if LegCo says no? Would this amount to perverting the course of justice?
Principal Officials appointed
HK Government, 4-Aug-2003
Transcript of Commissioner for ICAC Raymond Wong Hung Chiu
HK Government, 4-Aug-2003

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