Chow, Anderson Ka Ming 周家明

Agnes Chow Ting v Returning Officer and Au Nok Hin
HK Court of First Instance, 2-Sep-2019
Mr Au's election is nullified because Ms Chow was not given the right to be heard before the Returning Officer disqualified her on the ground that, although she signed the required declaration that she would uphold the Basic Law, the RO didn't believe her. If the judgment is not successfully appealed then there will be a by-election on HK Island. The Court maintains that the Returning Officer must still filter candidates by second-guessing their declaration, following the NPCSC interpretation of 7-Nov-2016.
Re Yee Tsim Choi and M Success Finance Ltd
HK Court of First Instance, 30-Mar-2016
The plaintiff and defendant are presumably Yee Tsim Choi and M Success Finance Ltd respectively, although the judgment omits to say so. Judge Anderson Chow rules that the defendant's attempt to register an unsecured loan (to the plaintiff's ex-husband) against the property at the Land Registry is "totally unjustified" and orders it removed. The lender is a subsidiary of Roma Group Ltd (8072).

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