Ang, Michael Wing Fung 洪榮鋒

SFC bans ex-Chairman and ex-CFO of W. Falcon Asset Management for life and 3 years respectively
SFC, 17-Dec-2019
Censure of Inno-Tech (8202), Michael Ang Wing Fung and several other directors
SEHK, 12-Sep-2018
Mr Ang was previously censured on 27-Jul-2017 for failing to cooperate with the investigation.
GEM Listing Committee censures Mr Ang Wing Fung, ex-Inno-Tech (8202)
SEHK, 27-Jul-2017
CFA dismisses application of Clarea Au Suet Ming and her company
SFC, 15-Nov-2016
SFC v Clarea Au Suet Ming
HK Court of Final Appeal, 14-Nov-2016
The CFA declines to hear the appeal.
SFC v Clarea Au Suet Ming
HK Court of First Instance, 16-Jun-2016
Leave to appeal to the Court of Final Appeal is refused.
SFC v Clarea Au Suet Ming
HK Court of First Instance, 2-Jun-2016
SFC v Clarea Au Suet Ming
HK Magistrates' Courts, 11-Jun-2014
The judgment states that Michael Ang Wing Fung decided not to give evidence for the prosecution on the grounds that he might incriminate himself. The magistrate found that Ang was "all along acting on behalf of" Clarea Au. The magistrate called Clarea Au's assertions that she had not read the agreements "a pack of lies".

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