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HK's richest family urges Govt to help its hotels
Bloomberg, 16-Dec-2019
"We really need it" says Adam Kwok, son of convicted felon Thomas Kwok. What we really need is for tycoons like him to give up corporate voting for seats in the Functional Constituencies and Election Committee - including hotels, real estate and transport, all of which have corporate voters controlled by his family. 1 worker, 1 vote. This simple step would democratise HK.
Peak Tramways Co Ltd gets Peak Tram operating rights until 31-Dec-2035
HK Government, 10-Oct-2018
The firm is owned by HK & Shanghai Hotels (0045). There does not appear to have been any tender for the contract. This extension is granted less than 3 years after the last 10-year extension was granted on 2-Dec-2015, just 29 days before expiry. The company will now build a "temperature-controlled queuing and waiting area" for 1300 passengers at the lower terminus, and increase the capacity from 120 to 210 passengers per trip.
Peak Tramways Co Ltd gets Peak Tram operating rights until 31-Dec-2025
HK Government, 2-Dec-2015
Law amendments for Peak tramway operation long-term arrangements proposed
Company announcement, 22-Apr-2015
Executive Council grants interim operating right to Peak Tramway
HK Government, 10-Dec-2013
MTRC (0066) and the FAM
We remind the board of MTRC that although they hold a blanket waiver of the Listing Rules on connected transactions, they cannot agree to amend the Fare Adjustment Mechanism if they expect it to reduce profits, because it would breach their fiduciary duty to minority shareholders. If the Government really wants to run the transport system and set fares, then they should nationalise it. (27-Mar-2013)
Help the needy, not the needless
We price the proposed Old Age Living Allowance if means-testing is scrapped to make it a universal pension, and what it would mean for tax rates down the road to a welfare state. We show you the increasingly educated and affluent profile of future retirees, and call on Government to refocus on a better, properly means-tested and rebranded elderly CSSA system. We also look at the $2 fare scheme, another scattergun attempt at welfare. (12-Oct-2012)
Webb on "Backchat" re Home Ownership Scheme, transport subsidies
RTHK, 14-Oct-2011
Peak Tramways Co gets 10-year extension to run peak tram
HK Government, 5-Nov-2003

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