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41 endangered stocks
If HKEX proceeds with an ill-conceived Listing Rule change, companies with disclaimed audit reports for 2019 will be suspended and likely delisted, victimising minority shareholders. We now list those with disclaimed audits up to 30-Jun-2018 which would be affected if the rule applied today. Make your submission to stop this nonsense! (17-Nov-2018)
Sun (8029) lends HK$30m secured on US$20m of convertible bonds in Pan Asia Mining (8173)
Company announcement, 18-Nov-2015
The identity of the borrower is not disclosed.
Sun International (8029) buys broker and asset manager in connected transaction
Company announcement, 19-Aug-2015
Sun International (8029) carves up a horse
Company announcement, 14-Nov-2013
Perhaps they will name it "Tesco".
One year's jail for HK$600k sub-underwriting commissions fraud
ICAC, 18-Sep-2012
Ex-Quam Securities director charged with $600k sub-underwriting commissions fraud
ICAC, 3-Mar-2011
Seapower and Galileo Bubbles issues two bubble warnings - a billion-dollar bubble at Seapower Resources (0269) and another, smaller one at Galileo Capital (8029), which unlike its namesake, defies gravity. (9-May-2005)
Breach of GEM Listing Rules 18.79 and 18.66
Company announcement, 19-Feb-2004
SFC suspends Mr Chiu Ming for failure to inquire into suspicious trades
SFC, 6-Aug-2003
EVI for Beginners
The latest stock on the rampage in the GEM children's playground is kindergarten web firm EVI Education Asia, up 192% on its debut, following close on the heels of stable-mate L.P. Lammas. We'll give you a bit of online education ourselves and tell you why you shouldn't play with these fireworks. (15-Mar-2001)
Wooden Lammas
What's the connection between self-described "business broker" L.P. Lammas and internet sounding "not-com" I-Wood International, the Fujian furniture maker? We show you how to craft a GEM listing from a handful of transactions. Lammas stock has been on the rampage in Hong Kong, but you may want to stand well clear. (19-Feb-2001)
Allotment results and concentration warning
Company announcement, 11-Dec-2000

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