Alvin Chau: Macau gambling kingpin jailed for 18 yearsHall of Shame
BBC, 18-Jan-2023
And with that, the former Chairman of 3 HK-listed companies is inducted into our "Hall of Shame".
HKICPA fines Mercedes Hsu Yuk King & Alex Kwong Kam Kwan of Andes Glacier CPA Ltd HK$150k and HK$80k respectively2017 annual report
HKICPA, 16-Jun-2021
For bad work on the 2017 audit of an unnamed listed company. From our client database this must be Sun International (8029). The auditor relied on the valuation reports by an unnamed firm which was Roma Appraisals Ltd.
41 endangered stocks
If HKEX proceeds with an ill-conceived Listing Rule change, companies with disclaimed audit reports for 2019 will be suspended and likely delisted, victimising minority shareholders. We now list those with disclaimed audits up to 30-Jun-2018 which would be affected if the rule applied today. Make your submission to stop this nonsense! (17-Nov-2018)
Sun (8029) lends HK$30m secured on US$20m of convertible bonds in Pan Asia Mining (8173)
Company announcement, 18-Nov-2015
The identity of the borrower is not disclosed.
Sun International (8029) buys broker and asset manager in connected transaction
Company announcement, 19-Aug-2015
Sun International (8029) carves up a horse
Company announcement, 14-Nov-2013
Perhaps they will name it "Tesco".
One year's jail for HK$600k sub-underwriting commissions fraud
ICAC, 18-Sep-2012
Ex-Quam Securities director charged with $600k sub-underwriting commissions fraud
ICAC, 3-Mar-2011
Seapower and Galileo Bubbles issues two bubble warnings - a billion-dollar bubble at Seapower Resources (0269) and another, smaller one at Galileo Capital (8029), which unlike its namesake, defies gravity. (9-May-2005)
Breach of GEM Listing Rules 18.79 and 18.66
Company announcement, 19-Feb-2004
SFC suspends Mr Chiu Ming for failure to inquire into suspicious trades
SFC, 6-Aug-2003
EVI for Beginners
The latest stock on the rampage in the GEM children's playground is kindergarten web firm EVI Education Asia, up 192% on its debut, following close on the heels of stable-mate L.P. Lammas. We'll give you a bit of online education ourselves and tell you why you shouldn't play with these fireworks. (15-Mar-2001)
Wooden Lammas
What's the connection between self-described "business broker" L.P. Lammas and internet sounding "not-com" I-Wood International, the Fujian furniture maker? We show you how to craft a GEM listing from a handful of transactions. Lammas stock has been on the rampage in Hong Kong, but you may want to stand well clear. (19-Feb-2001)
Allotment results and concentration warning
Company announcement, 11-Dec-2000

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