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Chung Keng v Pearl Oriental Oil (0632)
HK Court of First Instance, 2-May-2019
"If it is possible for a company to obtain from the Exchange approval of the appointment of Ms Lyn it goes some way to explain why the Companies Court rather too frequently encounters examples of inadequate corporate governance by Hong Kong listed companies. I will be sending a copy of this decision to HKEx and I would hope that it will look into this matter." - Justice Jonathan Harris. Our comment: the judge misses the point. INEDs should be elected by independent shareholders. The INED system is a joke, so long as HKEX allows controlling shareholders to vote.
41 endangered stocks
If HKEX proceeds with an ill-conceived Listing Rule change, companies with disclaimed audit reports for 2019 will be suspended and likely delisted, victimising minority shareholders. We now list those with disclaimed audits up to 30-Jun-2018 which would be affected if the rule applied today. Make your submission to stop this nonsense! (17-Nov-2018)
SFC obtains court order to disqualify Fan Di, ex-Chairman of Pearl Oriental Oil (0632) for 6 years
SFC, 25-Jan-2018
HKSAR v Lew Mon Hung: reasons for verdict (Chinese)
HK District Court, 29-Feb-2016
Lew Mon Hung, ex-Deputy Chairman of Pearl Oriental Oil (0632), gets 18 months for perversion
ICAC, 29-Feb-2016
Dream Bear's nightmare.
Duo jailed over Pearl Oriental Oil (0632) acquisition
ICAC, 22-May-2015
Court dismisses judicial review against Takeovers PanelDisciplinary proceedings
SFC, 7-Nov-2014
Note: according to the SFC web site, there are 2 current disciplinary proceedings, but only 1 of them involves 5 defendants, in relation to Pearl Oriental Oil Ltd. Three of the defendants, Chairman Wong Yuk Kwan, Kitty Yip Sui Kuen and Yik Siu Hung are facing criminal charges in an ICAC case.
A, B & C v SFC
HK Court of First Instance, 7-Nov-2014
The judicial review of the Chairperson's decision in refusing a stay of the disciplinary proceedings under the Takeovers Code in the Pearl Oriental Oil case involving Wong Yuk Kwan (A), Yik Siu Hung (B) and Kitty Yip Sui Kuen (C). The judge finds that the Chairperson did not err in law and her decision was not unreasonable.
Pearl Oriental (0632): 7 more charges against Chairman
Company announcement, 20-Dec-2013
Chairman & former Deputy Chairman of Pearl Oriental Oil (0632) face additional charges
ICAC, 20-Dec-2013
Pearl Oriental (0632): additional charge against Chairman
Company announcement, 19-Nov-2013
Pearl Oriental (0632) Chairman Wong Yuk Kwan faces additional charge
ICAC, 19-Nov-2013
HKSAR v Lew Mon Hung
HK District Court, 19-Nov-2013
Mr Lew's application to stop proceedings is dismissed.
Pearl Oriental (0632): update on ICAC charges
Company announcement, 28-Oct-2013
Senior executives of Pearl Oriental Oil (0632) and two others in court over fraud and money laundering
ICAC, 8-Oct-2013
Senior executives of Pearl Oriental Oil (0632) and two others charged with fraud and money laundering
ICAC, 7-Oct-2013
Lew Mon Hung, ex-Deputy Chairman of Pearl Oriental (0632) faces trial in Dec-2013
ICAC, 24-Sep-2013
SFC commences disciplinary proceedings against Wong Kwan and others under Takeovers Code
SFC, 18-Sep-2013
The hearing will be open to the public - this is the first such hearing since the Takeover Code was amended to open the doors on 1-Apr-2008.
Lew Mon Hung: "Astounding truth will finally be revealed"
HK Standard, 21-Aug-2013
Lew Mon Hung, ex-Dep Chairman of Pearl Oriental Oil (0632) charged with perversion
ICAC, 20-Aug-2013
Listing Appeals Committee criticises Pearl Oriental Oil (0632) and directors
SEHK, 27-Jun-2013
Pearl Oriental (0632): more on ICAC investigation
Company announcement, 28-Mar-2013
Pearl Oriental (0632): Deputy Chairman Lew Mon Hung arrested by ICAC
Company announcement, 22-Feb-2013
Pearl Oriental Oil (0632): 3 directors questioned by ICAC
Company announcement, 29-Jan-2013
Hunt for auditor amid ICAC probe
HK Standard, 25-Jan-2013
'CY lied'
HK Standard, 25-Jan-2013
Pearl Oriental (0632) Managing Director resigns due to court disqualification order
Company announcement, 25-May-2011
The 2010 annual report describes Mr Zhou as the Managing Director - although in this announcement the company downplays his role, stating that the company has been under "new management" since 2006.
Pearl Oriental (632) directors disqualified over failure of timely disclosure
SFC, 24-May-2011
SFC v Fan Di & others
HK Court of First Instance, 24-May-2011
Horace Yao Yee Cheong & others v Pearl Oriental Innovation Ltd
HK Court of Appeal, 13-Apr-2010
Zhang Jingyuan (fka Zhang Genyu) v Wong Yuk Kwan (aka Wong Kwan), Pearl Oriental Innovation & others
HK Court of First Instance, 15-Jan-2010
Request for assistance: Dr Fan Di
SEHK, 3-Jun-2009
Horace Yao Yee Cheong & others v Pearl Oriental Innovation Ltd
HK Court of First Instance, 22-May-2009
Criticism of Pearl Oriental Innovation Ltd
SEHK, 23-Mar-2009
...and the Exchange would like to contact former director Dr Fan Di, or "find a Dr" as the anagram goes.
Insider Dealing Tribunal submits report and makes order
HK Government, 30-Jan-2007
Report & order
IDT, 22-Dec-2006
Members appointed to Insider Dealing Tribunal
HK Government, 6-Oct-2006
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 30-Jul-2001

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