Sanctions on HK Resources (2882) and 8 directors
SEHK, 4-Dec-2023
In 9 months, 12 "loans" were made to 9 borrowers, all of which fully defaulted. SEHK calls the audit committee, comprising INEDs, "notably ineffective". We note that one of them, Anthony Fan Ren Da, sits on 12 HK-listed boards, making him the third-busiest listco director. He's also Founding President of the HK INED Association, leading by example. Another INED, Loke Yu, sits on 5 boards. We remind you that in HK, controlling shareholders, who are often executives, vote in INED elections.
HKSAR v Kennedy Wong Ying Ho, Alex Chui Chuen Chun & Richard Yin Yingneng: costs
HK District Court, 8-Jan-2019
Prominent lawyer Kennedy Wong acquitted in Hong Kong bribery caseReasons for verdict
South China Morning Post, 8-Jan-2018
3 charged with bribery over HK Resources (2882) restructuring and acquisition
ICAC, 1-Aug-2015
The unnamed Executive Director involved in the investigations, which have been ongoing since 2011, was former HKEx Head of Listing Mr Herbert Hui Ho-ming, who died on 30-Aug-2014.
HKSAR v Michael Yip Kim Po & Christie Yip Wan Fung (aka Yip Kim Fung)
HK Court of Final Appeal, 20-Mar-2014
The CFA dismisses the application for leave to appeal and criticises District Court judge Kevin Browne for the length of his 1753-paragraph Reasons for Verdict.
HKSAR v Michael Yip Kim Po & others
HK Court of Appeal, 7-Mar-2013
HKSAR v Michael Yip Kim Po: costs
HK Court of First Instance, 25-Feb-2013
HK Resources (2882): Kennedy Wong Ying-ho, Herbert Hui Ho-ming, Alex Chui Chuen-shun under ICAC investigation
Company announcement, 21-Feb-2012
ICAC investigates alleged irregular activities in acquisition of shares in HK Resources (2882), searches office
Company announcement, 14-Jul-2011
HK Resources (2882) Chairman, director face ICAC probe
HK Standard, 7-Jul-2011
Mr Chui Chuen Shun of HK Resources fined for non-disclosure of interest
Company announcement, 4-Apr-2011
Former Ocean Grand chairman, sister jailed for fraud
RTHK, 8-Oct-2010
...and are hereby inducted into the Webb-site Hall of Shame. We note that Yip Kim Po was appointed as a Justice of the Peace just 23 days before the companies imploded, and is still listed as a JP, so perhaps he can visit himself in jail.
HKSAR v Michael Yip Kim Po & others
HK District Court, 16-Sep-2010
Re 3D-Gold Jewellery scheme of arrangement
HK Court of First Instance, 9-Jul-2009
Ocean Grand boss cleared of fraud
HK Standard, 20-Mar-2009
...but still faces charges of theft and money-laundering
Bob Bunker runs for HKEx Board
Webb-site.com is pleased to announce that Bob Bunker has accepted a nomination to run in the contest for election as a director of HKEx. Two board seats are available. We recommend shareholders vote in favour of Mr Bunker and incumbent director Mr Bill Kwok Chi-piu, and against all other candidates. We also update you on the Ocean Grand case. (31-Mar-2008)
Ocean Grand chief to be charged following arrest at border
HK Standard, 19-Sep-2007
Man of a public listed company arrested for fraud-related offences
HK Police, 18-Sep-2007
Ocean Grand's Shipwreck
By popular request, we give our comments on the Ocean Grand debacle. The warning signs of bad governance or worse were there for years, but few picked up on them. We conduct a detailed autopsy, and find plenty of material for regulators and police investigators to get their teeth into. We also look at the characters involved with the companies and what this says about the state of battle for shareholder rights in HK. (31-Jul-2006)
SFC launches s179 inquiry into Ocean Grand Holdings Ltd and Ocean Grand Chemicals Holdings Ltd
SFC, 24-Jul-2006
HKEX, 24-Jul-2006
Provisional liquidation, RMB174m discrepancy in bank balances
Company announcement, 24-Jul-2006
William Lo Wing-yan resigns as INED and member of Audit Committee for "personal reasons"
Company announcement, 19-Jul-2006
Auditors highlight certain potential accounting irregularities concerning the recoverability, validity and genuineness of certain accounts receivable
Company announcement, 12-Jul-2006
Gates' Way to China
Bill Gates, as trustee of his US$27bn foundation, has made late disclosure of holdings in 2 HK-listed stocks which spiked 38% and 17% on the news. We'll tell you who the foundation is probably dealing with and what else it might own, but don't get excited - Mr Gates has better things to do than pick Chinese small-caps. (9-Aug-2004)

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