Tianhe Chemicals Group Limited 天合化工集團有限公司

SFC fines Merrill Lynch HK$128m for sponsor failures
SFC, 14-Mar-2019
On the Tianhe Chemicals (1619) IPO in 2014. Notably no human at ML is named as responsible for the failings - perhaps that will come later. ML scores a lower fine than fellow sponsor Morgan Stanley at HK$224m for the same deal. UBS scored HK$375m, but that was for a hatrick of listing applications.
SFC fines Morgan Stanley Asia Ltd HK$224m for sponsor failures
SFC, 14-Mar-2019
The firm jointly sponsored Tianhe Chemicals (1619) in 2014, with UBS and Merrill Lynch. Notably this announcement doesn't mention any human at MS as being responsible - perhaps that will follow later.
SFC fines UBS HK$375m and suspends its sponsor licence for 1 year
SFC, 14-Mar-2019
Over the IPOs of China Forestry in 2009 (now delisted), Tianhe Chemicals (1619) in 2014 and a third as-yet unnamed listing application, which is almost certainly China Metal Recycling (Holdings) Ltd, listed in 2009 and ordered in 2015 to be wound up.
Kingston (1031): things you should know
Even after today's plunge, Kingston is trading at 13.2x net tangible assets of $0.508 per share, 70.8x trailing earnings, and is heavily dependent on low-cost loans from its majority shareholder. Don't bet on that continuing. We also look at the extent of its margin lending to controlling shareholders of large numbers of other listed companies. (30-Jan-2018)
SFC directs continued suspension of Tianhe (1619)
Company announcement, 25-May-2017
It was first suspended at 1.01pm on 26-Mar-2015 at the company's request because it could not publish its 2014 results by the 31-Mar deadline.
Controller of Tianhe Chemicals (1619) deposits 51.93% with Kingston Securities
The stock has been suspended since 26-Mar-2015. (7-Mar-2017)
Tianhe Chemical (1619): Deloitte quits after board rejects disclaimer of audit
Company announcement, 17-Sep-2015
Tianhe Chemical (1619): outstanding audit issues
Company announcement, 14-Aug-2015
Tianhe Chemicals (1619) suspended, results delayed indefinitely
Company announcement, 26-Mar-2015
AP investigation on Tianhe Chemicals (1619)
Associated Press, 14-Nov-2014
Note: the IPO actually had 3 sponsors: Morgan Stanley, UBS and BofA Merrill Lynch.

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