SFC bans Joseph Hsu Kar Hing, ex-Standard Chartered Securities, for 3 years
SFC, 17-Jul-2018
Comment: this probably relates to the China Forestry listing, jointly sponsored with UBS. Mr Hsu abandoned his appeal to the Securities and Futures Appeals Tribunal on 6-Jul-2018. The appeals by the two sponsors are set to be heard in March 2019.
SFC takes former CEO and Chairman of China Forestry (delisted) to Market Misconduct Tribunal
SFC, 28-Jun-2018
FRC probably investigating Esprit
The Government has appointed a standby Chairman and two temporary members of the Financial Reporting Council, to deal with potential conflicts of interest for its Chairman, John Poon Cho Ming, and other members. We connect the dots. (20-Sep-2015)
David Webb's alternative deal of the year awards
International Financial Law Review, 28-Feb-2012
Li Han Chun removed as director of China Forestry (0930)
Company announcement, 17-Feb-2012
China Forestry (0930): KPMG quits as auditor
Company announcement, 5-Jan-2012
China Forestry: findings of Independent Board Committee
Company announcement, 29-Apr-2011
Notably a member of the "Former Management Team" blamed by the company is the Chief Sales Officer, Li Hai Jun, who is the Chairman's brother.
China Forestry: our key subsidiary had two sets of books
Company announcement, 29-Apr-2011
...and they say former management gave false bank records to auditor.
China Forestry: compliance adviser resigns
Company announcement, 1-Apr-2011
China Forestry: breach of Listing Rules: late results
Company announcement, 18-Mar-2011
Court continues interim injunction against China Forestry's ex-CEO
SFC, 4-Mar-2011
China Forestry former CEO detained 24-Feb for suspected embezzlement of RMB30m
Company announcement, 2-Mar-2011
China Forestry: we removed Li Han Chun as CEO 4 days ago
Company announcement, 18-Feb-2011
He remains an Executive Director.
Court continues interim injunction on China Forestry CEO
SFC, 11-Feb-2011
The SFC's summons against CEO of China Forestry (0930)
HK Court of First Instance, 7-Feb-2011
China Forestry (0930) auditor identifies "possible irregularities"...
Company announcement, 31-Jan-2011 its first full year after listing! We wonder why Wong Tak Jun, INED, Chair Professor of Accountancy and Dean of Business Administration at CUHK, is not serving on the independent board committee set up to conduct an inquiry. His skills might come in useful.
CEO Li Hanchun sells 3.89% of China Forestry (0930) at $3.35 for HK$399m
Company announcement, 13-Jan-2011
That cuts his stake to 2.72%.

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