SFC bans Mr Yeung Leung Yuen, ex-Citibank, for 3 years
SFC, 7-Nov-2017
For impersonating a client by phone and placing orders.
SFC bans Ms Bernie Wong Ching Man, ex-Citibank, for 4 months
SFC, 22-May-2017
SFC bans Cheung Kwan Po, ex-Citibank, for 6 months
SFC, 5-Jan-2017
No, you can't cut-and-paste a client's signature onto a risk assessment form.
Duo in bribes-for-jobseekers' information scam jailed
ICAC, 29-Sep-2015
Duo in court over alleged bribes for jobseekers’ information
ICAC, 6-Mar-2015
Citibank's abuse of HKID numbers
We urge another bank to cease and desist from treating the HKID as a password. (18-Dec-2013)
SFC, HKMA and Citibank reach agreement on Lehman Brothers-issued market-linked notes and equity-linked notes
SFC & HKMA, 8-Jul-2011

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