SFC bans thief Chan Wai Chun, ex-Dah Sing Bank, for lifeReasons for sentence
SFC, 27-Feb-2023
Last year he was jailed for 32 months for ripping off an 86 year-old client, Madam Chan Kin, for HK$1.195m.
HKSAR v Chan Wai Chun: reasons for sentence
HK District Court, 25-Jul-2022
After pleading guilty to ripping off 86 year-old client Madam Chan Kin for HK$1.195m, the former account manager of Dah Sing Bank gets 32 months in jail.
Ex-Dah Sing Bank manager jailed 3 months for commission fraud
ICAC, 10-Jun-2021
Ng Chiu Man, 34, falsely told a client that they had to buy an insurance policy before opening a corporate bank account, thereby earning him a commission.
Ex-Dah Sing Bank manager charged with insurance commission fraud
ICAC, 12-Aug-2020
SFC bans Song Baojun for 1 year
SFC, 6-Nov-2019
He effected 4 unit trust trades in 2013 without a client's specific authorisation using incomplete pre-signed forms. We note that in 2014 he went on from HSBC to Dah Sing Bank for 9 months, and was later registered to Hang Seng Bank (an HSBC subsidiary) for just 10 days starting on Christmas Day 2015.
SFC bans Choi Siu Ki, ex-Dah Sing Bank, for 9 months
SFC, 9-Jan-2017
No, you can't forge a client's signature, even if they have agreed to purchase the product.
SFC bans Mok Kin Hung forever
SFC, 8-Jul-2013
Dah Sing Bank Ltd v Simon Patrick Michael Durrant
HK District Court, 21-Dec-2010
SFC/HKMA settlement agreement with 16 banks over Lehman Minibonds, 22-Jul-2009
Company filing, 8-Oct-2010

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