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Getting to 601: How Beijing controls the HK Chief Executive election
Carrie Lam continues to peddle the lie that the Chief Executive Election Committee is "broadly representative", often unchallenged by foreign media. We explain exactly how it is rigged, and how with enough political courage, she could unrig it and introduce democracy through local legislation, without Beijing's approval. (28-Jan-2020)
Lew Mon Hung, ex-Deputy Chairman of Pearl Oriental Oil (0632), gets 18 months for perversion
ICAC, 29-Feb-2016
Dream Bear's nightmare.
No regrets says defiant James Tien Pei Chun
HK Standard, 30-Oct-2014
Tien: "I am only aware that I am a lawmaker and Liberal Party leader. I have neglected the title of CPCCC member." So he forgot to toe the line and for once said what he thought rather than what he was supposed to think.

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