Hong Kong's not-so-free economy
The US-based Heritage Foundation has, as always, ranked HK as the freest economy in the World. For once, the Government doesn't accuse foreign forces of interfering in HK's internal affairs. But this rosy view is not held by those who take the time to study the domestic economy. Here are a few things that Heritage may have overlooked. (4-Feb-2018)
Busting HK's road transport cartelsChinese translation
On the day the competition law takes effect, we take a long hard look at the anti-competitive legislation and policies which support a HK$116bn taxi cartel, a $22bn minibus cartel and a $13bn non-franchised bus cartel as well as restricting the hire car market. The Government should scrap all restrictions and franchises, introduce congestion pricing, and allow competition to serve the public interest. (14-Dec-2015)
Kwoon Chung Bus (0306) v Admiralty democracy protesters
HK Court of First Instance, 1-Dec-2014
Note from the maps that the injunction does not affect the main occupation strip of Connaught Road Central between Cotton Tree Drive and Tim Mei Avenue.
Kwoon Chung Bus (0306): breach of public float rule
Company announcement, 2-Aug-2007
SFC prosecutes Mr Ng Cheong Lam and Mr Thomas Wong Chung Pak under the Securities (Disclosure of Interests) Ordinance
SFC, 9-Apr-2002

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