Ma Zhonghong jumps bail in ICAC case involving Chim Pui Chung and sonJoining the dots
ICAC, 25-Oct-2022
We explained the background to this case in our article of 21-Nov-2021.
Joining the dots on the ICAC case against Chim Pui Chung and others
The ex-legislator is once again facing criminal charges, this time with his son and others. We examine the past connections between the defendants and the connection between an alleged co-conspirator and one of the subscribers of convertible notes, who has not been charged. (21-Nov-2021)
Criticism of directors of Asia Resources (0899)Acquisition announcement
SEHK, 20-Jan-2020
For failing their duty of care in an acquisition of a "spring water mine". The valuer, now known as AP Appraisal Ltd, also comes in for criticism.
Chan Hau Kong (fka Chan Shun Yuen) removed as ED at AGM of Asia Resources (0899)Circular
Company announcement, 9-Aug-2011
Asia Resources (0899): proposed removal of Mr Chan Hau Kong as directorCircular
Company announcement, 30-Jun-2011
Asia Resources (0899) "suspends" Mr Chan Hau Kong (fka Chan Shun Yuen) as director
Company announcement, 15-Apr-2011
Asia Resources (0899): revised results of open offer
Company announcement, 28-Apr-2010
Having realised that the underwriter is not entitled to any shares, Asia Resources revises the allocation to fully satisfy the 425 registered shareholders who applied for up to 2.5m shares each, who get an average allocation of 169,111 shares. Almost all of them held 1 board lot (10,000 shares) or less. Investors holding about 1680.38m shares via CCASS fare worst in this, being scaled back to 1.178% of their applications.
Asia Resources (0899): results of open offer
Company announcement, 20-Apr-2010
Despite the excess applications covering the unsubscribed entitlements several times over, the Company tries to give about 20% of them to the underwriter, claiming that the excess applications were abused. A remarkable 212 applicants held 1 board lot (10,000 shares) and 273 held less than that.
Chan Shun Yuen renames himself Chan Hau KongClarification.
Company announcement, 22-Jan-2010
He manages to have 3 different names in this announcement - Chan Shun Yuen, Chan Hou Kong and Chan Hau Kong. 6 months later, the company clarified that he is Chan Hau Kong.
Asia Resources (0899) issues shares to Mr Du Hongjun
Company announcement, 21-Jul-2009
Chim Pui Chung buys 28.34% of Asia Resources (0899) for HK$160m
Company announcement, 16-Oct-2008
Criticism of the Company and certain directors
SEHK, 17-Nov-1999

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