Chim, Ricky Kim Lun 詹劍崙

Ma Zhonghong jumps bail in ICAC case involving Chim Pui Chung and sonJoining the dots
ICAC, 25-Oct-2022
We explained the background to this case in our article of 21-Nov-2021.
Joining the dots on the ICAC case against Chim Pui Chung and others
The ex-legislator is once again facing criminal charges, this time with his son and others. We examine the past connections between the defendants and the connection between an alleged co-conspirator and one of the subscribers of convertible notes, who has not been charged. (21-Nov-2021)
Webb on "The Pulse" TV re access to Companies Registry data
RTHK, 30-Apr-2021
Chim Pui Chung v HKSAR
HK Court of First Instance, 8-Sep-2000
Mr Chim's appeal against conviction for treating electors in the Election Committee Financial Services subsector elections with a dinner is dismissed.
Chim guilty of election graft charges
South China Morning Post, 20-Aug-1999

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