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Getting to 601: How Beijing controls the HK Chief Executive election
Carrie Lam continues to peddle the lie that the Chief Executive Election Committee is "broadly representative", often unchallenged by foreign media. We explain exactly how it is rigged, and how with enough political courage, she could unrig it and introduce democracy through local legislation, without Beijing's approval. (28-Jan-2020)
'Only Beijing can rule on HK's Basic Law'Basic Law A158
RTHK, 19-Nov-2019
Simply untrue. BL A158 states "The [NPCSC] shall authorize the courts of the [HKSAR] to interpret on their own, in adjudicating cases, the provisions of this Law which are within the limits of the autonomy of the Region". Sure, the NPCSC can override with its own "interpretation", but doing so would again undermine HK's purported autonomy under "Two Systems".
Andrew Fan, Universal INED
A quick look at tomorrow's new listing sees an INED taking his 10th board seat. In our view, he should have found time to check his prospectus biography more carefully. (15-May-2019)
Laurence Leung rules out revenge
South China Morning Post, 5-Dec-1997

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