China Sandi Holdings Limited 中國三迪控股有限公司

SFC seeks court orders against ex-chairman of Kong Sun (0295) and China Sandi (0910)
SFC, 13-Feb-2017
For allegedly using a nominee to take discounted shares in placings.
HK District Court, 21-Sep-2016
Mr Sun Yan, a former HK-listed company director who now works for a subsidiary of Burwill (0024), succeeds in showing that he has no substantial connection with HK, so the divorce petition by his wife Zhou Jianwu is dismissed. Both are based in Shenzhen. Mr Sun is involved in a claim in HCA 813/2014 which involves over HK$337m of assets held by Superb Jade Ltd, which is owned by his wife's brother. Mr Sun claims beneficial ownership.
China Sandi (0910) proposes to issue unlisted warrants
Company announcement, 21-Dec-2015
It fails to say who owns the BVI subscriber, Chance Talent Management Ltd. We can tell you that it is wholly owned by China Construction Bank (0939). The 2-year warrants will be issued for just $0.01 each, far below theoretical value. A parallel issue of HK$150m of 10% notes to the same entity is not conditional on the warrant issue.
Service contract of Edward Wong Yun Kuen, 18-Sep-2015
Company filing, 9-Dec-2015
Service contract of Amika Lan E Guo, 9-Jul-2014
Company filing, 9-Dec-2015
Sun Yan v Superb Jade Ltd & others
HK Court of First Instance, 23-Oct-2015
A dispute over the beneficial owner of securities and cash held by Superb Jade Ltd worth as much as HK$300m. Mr Sun Yan is based in Shenzhen but has been a director of various HK-listed companies. He has posted HK$1m as security for costs, which the court rules is adequate given that the defendants still hold the assets which are frozen under a Mareva injunction. Superb Jade is owned by Lin Li Dong, the brother of Sun's wife, Zhao Jianwu.
SFC suspends Ms Chiang Yuk Oi, ex-Wing On Cheong Securities Co Ltd, for 6 months for recklessly misleading SFC
SFC, 23-Jul-2002
Mr Yeung Yik Cheung sentenced in market manipulation case
SFC, 18-Dec-2001

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