SFC bans Yung Lap Hong, ex-Yaumatei branch manager of CCB (0939) for lifeStatement of Disciplinary Action
SFC, 4-Jan-2021
Revealed: SFC probes Chairman, CEO of Hua Han Health (0587), freezes their accounts
The SFC has frozen accounts at 3 brokerages up to HK$3.81bn, the amount raised by HHH in 2015 in an open offer ($3.19bn) and a CB ($0.62bn) issued to Huarong (2799) and CCB (0939). The SFC suspects false or misleading statements and misappropriation of part of the proceeds. (16-Feb-2019)
SFC fines CCB International HK$24m for sponsor failuresPDF with Statement of Disciplinary Action
SFC, 9-Jul-2018
The IPO did not proceed.
China Sandi (0910) controller pledges 51% to CCB (0939)CCB filing
Disclosure of interest, 30-May-2018
The filing states that the companies owned by Mr Guo Jiadi entered into a "subscription agreement" with an "investor" on 26-Apr-2018, which closed on 30-May-2018, whereupon the shares were pledged to the investor. The filing by CCB discloses its security interest in the shares, probably as collateral for a loan.
China Sandi (0910) controller pledges 625m shares (14.01%) to Huarong Int Fin (0993)Huarong filing
Disclosure of interest, 27-Dec-2017
This comes after Huarong bought 312.5m unlisted warrants from Kong LingLing at $0.06 per warrant, which it exercised at $0.24 per share on 22-Dec-2017. Huarong now also has a short interest in the same number of shares, suggesting that the controller has granted a put option and posted 625m shares as security for its obligations. Kong LingLing purchased the warrants on 24-Jan-2017 from CCB (0939) at $0.015 per warrant.
Jiayuan (2768): Chairman Shum Tin Ching borrows from CCB (0939) against 600m shares (27.03%)
Company announcement, 29-Jun-2017
Ex-CCB (Asia) bank staff in court for bribery over sales target
ICAC, 11-Jan-2017
China Innovative Finance (0412) bubble
Hao Tian Development (0474) has confirmed our view by dumping 9.06% of CIFG at a 61.9% discount, still well above the net tangible asset value of $0.099. CIFG should trade below NTAV due to its appalling governance and membership of what we call the "Chung Nam Network". The purported profits of its leasing division are largely illusory and depend heavily on 1 customer in which CIFG has invested. HTD has also been allowed by HKEX to skirt the Listing Rules on corporate transactions. (26-Sep-2016)
SMI Culture (2366) to issue HK$65m CB to CCB (0939)
Company announcement, 5-Sep-2016
Hao Tian Dev (0474) issues 7.59% of subsidiary to CCB (0939)
Company announcement, 22-May-2016
The announcement states that the investor is owned by CCB International Asset Management Ltd but doesn't name its owner.
Administrators complete distribution to investors affected by Tiger Asia’s insider dealing
SFC, 19-May-2016
China Sandi (0910) proposes to issue unlisted warrants
Company announcement, 21-Dec-2015
It fails to say who owns the BVI subscriber, Chance Talent Management Ltd. We can tell you that it is wholly owned by China Construction Bank (0939). The 2-year warrants will be issued for just $0.01 each, far below theoretical value. A parallel issue of HK$150m of 10% notes to the same entity is not conditional on the warrant issue.
Hao Tian (0474) to issue US$30m 9% notes secured on 550m shares (3.24%) of Heritage (0412)Disclosure of interest
Company announcement, 7-Jul-2015
The subscriber is Sea Venture Investments Ltd (BVI), the owner of which is not disclosed. The subscriber also gets an option to purchase 80,729,170 Heritage shares at HK$1.44 (equal to US$15m at an exchange rate of USD=HKD7.75) and warrants to subscribe shares of Hao Tian Finance Co Ltd, a partial subsidiary, for up to US$15m at NAV. Update from disclosure of interest: the subscriber is ultimately owned by China Construction Bank (0939).
MMT bans Tiger Asia and Bill Hwang from trading securities in HK for 4 yearsMMT report
SFC, 9-Oct-2014
HKEx signs MoU with CCB (0939)
Company media release, 15-Sep-2014
This MoU, for "strategic cooperation" again puts HKEx into a conflict of interest with its role as listing regulator of CCB, as it has done with China Minsheng Banking (1988). The SFC should take over as listing regulator of both banks.
Tiger Asia admits insider dealing and ordered to pay some investors HK$45 million
SFC, 20-Dec-2013
If you bought BOC (3988) on 31-Dec-2008 or 13-Jan-2009, or CCB (0939) on 6-Jan-2009, and if by chance your order was matched with a sale by Tiger Asia, then you are in line for a payout for their insider dealing. This folows the same system as the Du Jun case announced on 12-Dec-2013. As we said, it is a lottery allocation, because other investors who bought at that time will not get the payout. You have about a 1 in 5 chance of a payout in each stock.
MMT sets date for Tiger Asia hearing
SFC, 6-Sep-2013
SFC begins MMT proceedings against Tiger Asia Management LLC & staff
SFC, 15-Jul-2013
Notice to MMT re Tiger Asia Management LLC & staff
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 15-Jul-2013
SFC fines UBS HK$1.6m for regulatory breaches
SFC, 21-May-2013
CFA gives reasons for dismissal of Tiger Asia appealCFA judgment
SFC, 10-May-2013
Court of Final Appeal dismisses Tiger Asia appeal
SFC, 30-Apr-2013
Tiger Asia Management pleads guilty to wire fraud, forfeits US$16m
New Jersey District Attorney, 12-Dec-2012
Hedge fund manager to pay US$44m for illegal trading in Chinese bank stocks
US SEC, 12-Dec-2012
Court of Final Appeal to hear Tiger Asia case
SFC, 18-Apr-2012
SFC wins in Court of Appeal against Tiger Asia
SFC, 23-Feb-2012
SFC v Tiger Asia Management LLC & others
HK Court of Appeal, 23-Feb-2012
SFC lodges Notice of Appeal in Tiger Asia case
SFC, 9-Sep-2011
SFC to appeal Court's dismissal of Tiger Asia proceedings
SFC, 14-Jul-2011
SFC v Tiger Asia Management LLC & others
HK Court of First Instance, 14-Jul-2011
SFC to appeal Court of First Instance ruling on Tiger Asia
SFC, 21-Jun-2011
SFC v Tiger Asia Management LLC & others
HK Court of First Instance, 21-Jun-2011
The judge finds that the court does not have jurisdiction to determine whether the defendants contravened section 295(1) of the SFO. If the SFC wants to take the matter further then it must either go to the Market Misconduct Tribunal, or to criminal prosecution.
SFC seeks trading ban against Tiger Asia over alleged insider trading
SFC, 26-Apr-2010
SFC seeks court orders to freeze assets of Tiger Asia Management LLC
SFC, 20-Aug-2009
Ex-CCB chief jailed for 15 years
South China Morning Post, 4-Nov-2006
Ex-CCB chief's son disappears in HK
South China Morning Post, 24-Mar-2005

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