Cheng, Tony Chak Ho 鄭澤豪

Wah Nam Group Ltd v Insignia Brooke (Hong Kong) Ltd & Tony Cheng Chak Ho
HK Court of First Instance, 18-Sep-2009
Skin in the game
In part 3 of a series, we look at the often calamitous IPOs produced by B M Intelligence and its conversion into China Bio-med Regeneration Technology, involving a huge mark-up on the acquisition. We also cover an international organisation run out of a cobbler's shop in Las Vegas, and the recent changes of ownership in CBRT, including a CPPC member who is a big fan of the PLA. (23-Jun-2009)
Suspension of Tony Cheng Chak Ho
HK Institute of Surveyors, 25-Nov-2003
Wah Nam circular with valuation report by Tony Cheng Chak Ho
Company circular, 28-Dec-1999

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