Beijing Energy International Holding Co., Ltd. 北京能源國際控股有限公司

China Fortune Financial (0290) lends HK$60m for 3 months at 12% p.a. secured on shares and CBs of an unnamed ListcoDisclosure of interest
Company announcement, 29-Dec-2017
We can tell you from a disclosure of interest that the Listco is Panda Green Energy (0686) and the collaterial is equivalent to 5.29% of the existing issued shares. We don't know who owns the borrower.
Skin in the game
In part 3 of a series, we look at the often calamitous IPOs produced by B M Intelligence and its conversion into China Bio-med Regeneration Technology, involving a huge mark-up on the acquisition. We also cover an international organisation run out of a cobbler's shop in Las Vegas, and the recent changes of ownership in CBRT, including a CPPC member who is a big fan of the PLA. (23-Jun-2009)
HKSAR v Stephen Lee Sing Wai
HK Court of Appeal, 15-Feb-2006
Stephen Lee Sing-wai sentenced to immediate imprisonment for market manipulation
SFC, 10-Jan-2006
Stephen Lee Sing Wai sentenced to 6 month imprisonment for failure to attend SFC interview during his 3-year suspension period
SFC, 18-Oct-2005
SFC prosecutes Stephen Lee Sing Wai for not attending SFC investigation interview
SFC, 7-Oct-2005
SFC suspends Kate Edith Wong Chak Lau for 1 week for misconduct in a market manipulation case
SFC, 22-Dec-2003
SFC welcomes sentencing in Gay Giano case
SFC, 12-May-2003
SFC suspends Ms Iris Ng Wai Chi for 1 week
SFC, 25-Apr-2003
SFC suspends Mr Antonio Henrique Young Ping Chiu for 6 weeks
SFC, 16-Aug-2002
Judge spares share-scam pair from jail
HK Standard, 24-Jul-2002
Chairman resigns, charged with stock manipulation by Commercial Crime Bureau
Company announcement, 8-Jul-2002
Share-scam pair accuse Chairman
HK Standard, 22-Jun-2002
SFC prosecutes Ms Chu Wai Ling under the Securities (Disclosure of Interests) Ordinance
SFC, 11-Sep-2001

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