The Christmas Pick
After a decade of Christmas Picks, has produced a compound gain of 1118%, compared with 87% on the Hang Seng Index. That's an average 28.4% per year compared with 6.4% on the HSI. This is getting out of hand! Many have asked whether we would set up a "Good Governance Fund" for HK investors. We tell you why this is currently unattractive, and what the Government should do to facilitate the closed-end fund sector. (18-Dec-2009)
Skin in the game
In part 3 of a series, we look at the often calamitous IPOs produced by B M Intelligence and its conversion into China Bio-med Regeneration Technology, involving a huge mark-up on the acquisition. We also cover an international organisation run out of a cobbler's shop in Las Vegas, and the recent changes of ownership in CBRT, including a CPPC member who is a big fan of the PLA. (23-Jun-2009)
The 2008 Christmas Pick
Season's greetings to all our readers - time for Santa Webb's annual stock pick. Last year's pick, Shinhint (2728), out-performed the HSI by 6.5% and, of course, lost money. Even so, over 9 years of picks, we've gained 358%, a compound average of 18.4% per year, while the HSI has averaged just 3.1%. So what are we putting under the Christmas tree this year? Read on... (17-Dec-2008)

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