Hui, Rafael Si Yan 許仕仁

Rafael Hui Si Yan and Thomas Kwok Ping Kwong stripped of honours
HK Gazette, 2-Mar-2018
Gongs gone. Hui is also no longer an Honorary Steward of the Jockey Club. Both have also been removed as Justices of the Peace, so they can't visit themselves in jail.
CFA upholds MIPO convictions of ex-Chief Secretary and three others
ICAC, 14-Jun-2017
HKSAR v Rafael Hui, Thomas Kwok, Thomas Chan & Francis Kwan
HK Court of Final Appeal, 14-Jun-2017
The 4 lose their final appeal. Thomas Kwok returns from bail to jail.
HKSAR v Rafael Hui, Thomas Kwok, Thomas Chan & Francis Kwan
HK Court of Final Appeal, 12-Jul-2016
Leave to make a final appeal is granted on one question of law, and Thomas Kwok is granted bail. The others remain in jail due to their conviction on other charges.
HKSAR v Rafael Hui, Thomas Kwok, Thomas Chan & Francis Kwan
HK Court of Appeal, 16-Feb-2016
The appeal is dismissed. Case number is CACC 444/2014 - not a particularly lucky number in Cantonese!
HKSAR v Thomas Kwok Ping Kwong
HK Court of Appeal, 11-Sep-2015
Thomas Kwok is granted leave to appeal.
HKSAR v Thomas Chan Kui Yuen & Francis Kwan Hung Sang
HK Court of Appeal, 11-Sep-2015
HKSAR v Rafael Hui Si Yan & others
HK Court of Appeal, 5-Aug-2015
Justice Michael Lunn sets out the timetable for the size and filing of written submissions in the appeals.
HKSAR v Thomas Chan Kui Yuen
HK Court of Appeal, 4-Jun-2015
Bail pending appeal is refused.
HKSAR v Thomas Kwok Ping Kwong
HK Court of Appeal, 23-Mar-2015
"I am not persuaded that the grounds of appeal as advanced have any real chance of success" - Justice Wally Yeung Chun Kuen. So Thomas Kwok stays in jail pending appeal.
Ex-Chief Secretary and 3 others guilty of bribery and misconduct
ICAC, 19-Dec-2014
Now, what about C Y Leung failing to declare or disclose to the Executive Council his GBP4m (HK$50m) payments from UGL?
HK tycoon and ex-official found guilty in city's biggest corruption trial
CNN, 19-Dec-2014
Rafael Hui admits in corruption trial that he evaded taxes on 'fees'IRO s82
South China Morning Post, 20-Sep-2014
SCMP does not mention that under s82 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, any person who wilfully with intent to evade tax omits from a return any sum which should be included is liable on indictment to up to 3 years in jail and a fine of up to 3x the tax evaded. In Mr Hui's case, the fine would not have much effect because he is already bankrupt - but he appears to have opened himself up to another prosecution.
SHKP (0016): Kwok face additional charges
Company announcement, 13-Feb-2014
Court declares Rafael Hui bankrupt
RTHK, 27-Nov-2013
Lender hits embattled Hui with demand for HK$9.8m
HK Standard, 21-Aug-2013
Former CS Rafael Hui faces additional misconduct charge
ICAC, 9-Mar-2013
ICAC and DoJ to LegCo: please can we have some money to prosecute Rafael Hui & the Kwoks?
HK Legislative Council, 7-Nov-2012
So what happens if LegCo says no? Would this amount to perverting the course of justice?
Kwoks raise the bar
HK Standard, 16-Jul-2012
Former Chief Secretary and four others face court for bribery and misconduct
ICAC, 13-Jul-2012
Former Chief Secretary and four others face ICAC charges of bribery and misconduct
ICAC, 13-Jul-2012
Kwoks 'paid CS HK$34m in bribes'
RTHK, 13-Jul-2012
Kwoks and Hui troop to ICAC headquarters
HK Standard, 28-May-2012
Sunevision (8008): NED Walter Kwok Ping-sheung arrested by ICAC
Company announcement, 4-May-2012
ICAC statement regarding u-know-who, director of u-know-what
ICAC, 4-May-2012
SHKP (0016): Walter Kwok Ping-sheung arrested by ICAC
Company announcement, 4-May-2012
Statement by SHKP
Company media release, 3-Apr-2012
Comment: SHKP complains about "unfounded speculation concerning the investigations". There's a simple solution: publish the allegations and state the company's response to those. Don't keep investors in the dark and then expect them not to speculate.
ICAC releases Rafael Hui & Kwok brothers
RTHK, 30-Mar-2012
SHKP (0016): Raymond Kwok Ping-luen & Thomas Kwok Ping-kwong arrested by ICAC; offices searched
Company announcement, 29-Mar-2012
Statement by Department of Justice re Rafael Hui
HK Government, 29-Mar-2012
ICAC statement: 2 senior executives of you-know-who arrested for suspected corruption
ICAC, 29-Mar-2012
Rafael Hui Si Yan quits AIA "to attend to other commitments"
Company announcement, 29-Mar-2012
...such as having been arrested by the ICAC.
ICAC quiz Rafael Hui & Kwok brothers of SHKP (0016)
RTHK, 29-Mar-2012
Hui snubs Legco over West Kowloon plans
HK Standard, 7-Jan-2006
Government responds to Legco subcommittee's Phase II study report on WKCD
HK Government, 6-Jan-2006
Poll reform and arts hub top Hui agenda
HK Standard, 5-Jul-2005
A smooth ride on the road to the top
HK Standard, 1-Jul-2005
Right-hand man Hui rises to the challenge
HK Standard, 1-Jul-2005
Public may decide canopy fate
HK Standard, 1-Jul-2005
In this article Hui is quoted at length on his relationship with Sun Hung Kai Properties (0016).
Troubleshooter takes some flak
South China Morning Post, 1-Jul-2005
"He was unaware that regulations on accommodation changed several years ago with the introduction of the ministerial system of government and he would have to pay his own expenses if he did not take up the official residence that comes with the job..."I only found out after I agreed to take the post, so now I have to pay the rent myself," Mr Hui said."
Hui accused of ducking questions
HK Standard, 1-Jul-2005
Tycoon 'ties' an issue as Hui fills post
HK Standard, 30-Jun-2005
Chief's allies rally round to raise HK$9.5m war chest
HK Standard, 25-May-2005
Conjecture persists over Li quit letter
HK Standard, 24-Mar-2005
Rafael Hui tipped to take over as chief secretary
HK Standard, 9-Mar-2005
Senior appointments announced
HK Government, 29-Feb-2000
MPFA Chairman welcomes Managing Director's appointment
HK Government, 29-Feb-2000
Earlier today the Government announced in a reshuffle that Rafael Hui Si Yan would be stepping down as Secretary for Financial Services and leaving the civil service "for personal reasons". In reality, he's moving to the latest quango.

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