Shek, Abraham Lai Him 石禮謙

LegCo - who's got religion?
There were 19 oath-taking Christians in last week's LegCo swearing in, 7 non-religious oaths, and 44 affirmations. So who believes in a higher power than Beijing? (16-Oct-2016)
Lawmakers fly into storm over Cathay trip to France
HK Standard, 22-Aug-2013
Apparently some lawmakers think that if you declare a gift then it is OK to receive it. James To says he needed to find out about Cathay's investment in Airbus planes. Why? Is he a Cathay shareholder? And if he is, then can't he just read the accounts? Presumably learning more about Cathay is only relevant to legislators if they have some involvement in decisions which affect Cathay, such as approving financing for a 3rd runway, and hence, the conflict of interest. Missing from the list is Andrew Leung Kwan Yuen, who took a similar trip with his wife on 18-21-July, and Abraham Shek Lai Him, who was apparently on the same trip, which he records as 19-20-July. His 2nd trip in 2 years.
Lucky eight line up behind poll hopeful
HK Standard, 21-Dec-2011
Submission from Abraham Shek Lai Him (aka Abraham Razack) on why there should be no limit on INED positions
SEHK, 28-Oct-2011
Mr Shek/Razack could have mentioned that he sits on the boards of 16 HK-listed companies and the manager of 1 HK-listed REIT, as well as being a Legislator.
Legislator Abraham Shek's trip to Toulouse on Cathay Pacific Airways
HK Legislative Council, 19-May-2011
Yep, they still make Airbuses there. Just checking.
LCQ: the competitiveness of the Hong Kong stock exchange
HK Government, 6-Apr-2011
Comment: nothing prevents a "flash crash" in HK, and indeed we had a mini-version of this in HSBC on 9-Mar-2009. There are no circuit-breakers on SEHK. Regarding trading spreads, HKEx U-turned on that in 2007 and there has been no progress since then.
Legislator Abraham Shek's trip on Cathay Pacific Airways to Seattle
HK Legislative Council, 27-Apr-2010
...perhaps this was necessary to explain the difference between Boeing and Airbus, as he was confused about his previous trip to Toulouse.
Urban Renewal Authority v Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd
HK Court of First Instance, 19-Mar-2009
Urban Renewal Authority v Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd
HK Court of First Instance, 19-Feb-2009
HKSAR v Russel Hui (former ED of URA) & Mok King Yu: reasons for sentence
HK District Court, 3-Feb-2009
Sheltered by the immunity of the Legislative Council last week, Legislator for concrete Abraham Shek asked rhetorically whether the HKEx Head of Listings is working for David Webb. Well of course, he isn't, but we'll tell you whom Mr Shek is working for. Listed companies pay him as a director about 5 times what he earns as a legislator. (5-Jan-2009)
Tycoons whinge over blackout period
Tycoons are making a last-minute effort to undo a HK Listing Rule change which will prohibit directors from dealing between the end of a financial period and the release of the results, starting from 1-Jan-09. The regulators should not U-turn. (23-Dec-2008)
Legislator Abraham Shek's trip to Toulouse on Cathay Pacific Airways to see a Boeing, make that an Airbus plant
HK Legislative Council, 18-Nov-2008
He obviously learned a lot from this trip!
Legislator Abraham Shek's trip to Seattle on Cathay Pacific Airways
Company announcement, 3-Oct-2007

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