Scrap the public float rule
Investors in SCMP (0583) are in the deep freeze again, and other companies have indulged in artificial schemes to comply with the 25% public float rule. The rule should be scrapped, because as we explain, it has no real purpose, and because the only way to enforce it is to victimize minority shareholders by suspending their shares. The rule does not serve investor interests. (11-Jun-2013)
Sunevision (8008): NED Walter Kwok Ping-sheung arrested by ICAC
Company announcement, 4-May-2012
Sunevision (8008): Raymond Kwok & Thomas Kwok arrested by ICAC
Company announcement, 29-Mar-2012
Sunevision (8008): NED Thomas Chan Kui-yuen arrested by ICAC
Company announcement, 19-Mar-2012
The paid advert opposing the blackout rule
With links to the signatories in Webb-site Who's Who. (29-Dec-2008)
GEM Waivers Reviewed
Following our recent criticisms of the confetti of waivers granted by GEM, the SFC and SEHK have hammered out a compromise which relaxes some rules but contains some encouraging news and a minor victory for minority shareholder protection. However, the new proposals are being effected before public consultation, and by the time this is over too many horses will have bolted. The whole affair underlines the need to transfer the listing division to the SFC and let the Exchange focus on exchanging. (12-Mar-2000)

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