Chan, Jimmy Yuen Tung 陳遠東

Jimmy Chan Yuen Tung v Ko Kin Hang
HK Court of First Instance, 13-Sep-2018
Mr Chan's claim is dismissed. He alleged that in Apr-2013, Mr Ko orally agreed to transfer at cost to him or his nominee 112m warrants which had been issued by China Zenith Chemical (0362) in a placing at only $0.002 per warrant the previous month. Mr Chan was the largest shareholder of China Zenith. We note that if the warrants had been issued to him directly, then it would have been a connected transaction.
Yung Tai Yin v Jimmy Chan Yuen Tung & China Zenith Chemical (0362)
HK Court of First Instance, 4-Nov-2015
Yung Tai Yin v Jimmy Chan Yuen Tung (in Chinese)
HK Court of First Instance, 17-Aug-2015
Criticism of Jimmy Chan Yuen Tung
SEHK, 27-Jul-2011
Jimmy Chan Yuen Tung v Yung Tai Yin (in Chinese)
HK District Court, 17-Nov-2010
Report, part 1part 2
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 29-Aug-2008
China Zenith Chemical shareholders veto massive options for Chairman
Company announcement, 29-Aug-2008
China Zenith (0362) agrees to buy Better Lion Holdings Ltd from Kenelly Group Ltd
Company circular, 25-Apr-2008
China Zenith (0362) agrees to buy Better Lion Holdings Ltd from Kenelly Group Ltd
Company announcement, 10-Apr-2008
Pass the Portal
We'll show you how an architect set up a dysfunctional shipping web site with HK$0.39m of capital and sold 49% of it to Can Do Holdings for HK$78.4m (US$10m) - and now Can Do is trying to pass it on to eCyberChina. (25-Aug-2002)
StyNet, Part 1: Digital Mess
In the first of a series of articles, we'll take you through a labyrinth of transactions involving a motley collection of GEM listings, including Inworld, International Capital Network, Rainbow and Riverhill, two bombed-out main board stocks - Digital World and renren, and a company at the centre of the network, Styland. We kick off with a detailed study of Digital World and its dealings. (21-Jul-2002)
Singapore Hong Kong Properties
We take a close look at the confetti of placings being thrown by this company. After 7 placings in 4 months, the number of issued shares has increased by 193% and existing shareholders have seen the net asset value diluted by 44% without ever being entitled to participate. Now the company proposes to buy properties from its Chairman and from Kong Tai, its substantial shareholder. (7-Jul-1999)

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