Fung, Danny Kwong Shing 馮廣成

Danny Fung Kwong Shing, ex-Fulbright Securities, jailed for 2.5 months for securities fraud
SFC, 27-Oct-2022
He pleaded guilty and has been bailed pending appeal, having been remanded in custody after conviction on 13-Oct.
Danny Fung Kwong Shing, ex-Fulbright Securities, convicted of securities fraud
SFC, 14-Oct-2022
He pleaded guilty to 25 charges and has been remanded in custody pending sentence on 27-Oct-2022. In 2017, the SFC fined him and banned him for life for similar but broader misconduct.
SFC fines Danny Fung Kwong Shing, bans him forever
SFC, 23-Nov-2017
The former executive at Fulbright Securities caused his client HK$2.6m of loss by faking his orders.
SFC reprimands Danny Fung Kwong Shing
SFC, 17-Feb-2000

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