Articles: Unlicensed investment advice

Court fines Brilliance Capital Management Ltd and Mr Law Sai Hung for unlicensed activities
SFC, 24-Jul-2020
Unlicensed fund manager Mr Yau Ka Fai gets 240 hours community service
SFC, 29-Apr-2020
Court convicts unlicensed fund manager, Yau Ka Fai
SFC, 6-Jan-2020
Court sets pre-trial review for unlicensed activities prosecution
SFC, 18-Jul-2019
The SFC alleges that on or around 8-Jan-2013, Brilliance Capital Management Ltd held itself out to an unnamed company as a corporate finance advisor without a licence. We don't know why it took them over 6 years to commence prosecution.
Mr Lo Chun Lam convicted of unlicensed futures contracts business
SFC, 17-Jun-2015
We note from the Webb-site Reports archives that this is his second conviction for a similar offence. The first was on 5-May-2011 when he was fined HK$1,500 for an advertisement promoting unlicensed advice on futures contracts. Still, the fine this time of $7,500 is only equivalent to two 3-month subscriptions to his service.
SFC Prosecutes Mr Ho To Yan under the Commodity Trading Ordinance and the Protection of Investors Ordinance
SFC, 26-Feb-2002

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