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Enigma Network member Capital VC (2324) launches 20% placement at 84.2% discount to NAV
Company announcement, 4-Oct-2021
This is a "Chapter 21" closed-end investment company. The announcement fails to mention the discount or the resulting 14.0% dilution of NAV. How can this be in the interests of shareholders? Why do the SFC and HKEX still tolerate such issues by Chapter 21 companies, the sole mission of which should be to grow NAV per share?
Capital VC (2324) grants directors share options at 87% discount to net asset value
Company announcement, 13-Feb-2020
220m options equivalent to 8% of the existing shares at $0.025 per share. This is a Chapter 21 investment company in the "Enigma Network". The NAV at 31-Jan was $0.189/share. 27.5m options (1%) go to each of the 2 executive directors, approved by the 3 "independent" directors. We call on the SFC to stop this.
Capital VC (2324) terminates placing
Company announcement, 27-Apr-2018
This follows a complaint by Webb-site to the SFC on 2-Feb-2018 regarding the 84.9% discount of the placing price to net asset value per share of this closed-end investment company, and 3 subsequent extensions of the completion date. The termination announcement fails to state what "conditions precedent" have not been fulfilled, but the only disclosed condition in the placing announcement was listing approval for the new shares.
Capital VC (2324) cancels grant of options
Company announcement, 15-Feb-2018
This follows a complaint by Webb-site to the SFC on 2-Feb-2018, noting that the exercise price of the options was an 82.5% discount to net asset value. No reasons are given for the cancellation. Capital VC is a member of what we call the "Enigma Network".
Capital VC (2324) dilutes holders againOptions announcement
Company announcement, 2-Feb-2018
The "Enigma Network" investment company is blowing the general mandate, issuing 19.96% new shares at $0.05, not mentioning the 84.9% discount to Net Asset Value of $0.3308 at 31-Dec-2017. The board claims the issue is "in the interests of the Company and the Shareholders as a whole". The placing agent, Infast Brokerage, is 95% owned by GCPS (8193), another Enigma member. 3 minutes eariler, Capital VC announced a grant of 275m options at $0.058 to unnamed persons. That's another potential 10% enlargement of the share base at an 82.5% discount to NAV. We call on the SFC to direct the Stock Exchange to reject the listing application for all the new shares.
The Enigma Network: 50 stocks not to own
Sometimes, all you need to tell a story is a picture. (15-May-2017)
GET (8100): breach of Listing Rules, on Discloseable Transactions and Major Disposals
Company announcement, 28-Oct-2016
Following a complaint by Webb-site to HKEX, GET now accepts that it should have disclosed transactions in listed shares dating back to 8-Jul-2014, some of which were "Major Disposals" requiring shareholder approval, for which it now seeks ratification.
GEO Securities deal restructured
Company announcement, 14-Oct-2016
Unspecified condition(s) of the 3-way venture cannot be fulfilled, so Capital VC (2324) is replaced as a 28% holder by another Chapter 21 investment company, China Investment and Finance (1226). China Automotive Interior Decoration (0048) will still own 42% and Ms Li Chui Ling, who owns 100%, will own 30%.
CAID (0048) reveals the other shareholders of GEO Securities Ltd
Company announcement, 7-Jul-2016
This follows a complaint by Webb-site that CAID had failed to say who it was getting into bed with. This turns out to be Capital VC (2324), which is subscribing 29.997%. The remainder will be held by Ms Li Chui Ling, who currently owns 100%.
CAID (0048) to subscribe 42% of stockbroker GEO Securities Ltd
Company announcement, 28-Jun-2016
A second, unnamed subscriber is taking 283.78m shares (27.997%) of the broker. The announcement also fails to disclose who will own the remaining 30.003%, instead just naming the manager, Francis Lun Sheung Nim, who is often quoted in the media.
Capital VC (2324) acquires 26.84% of Sunrise (China) (8226)
Disclosure of interest, 25-Sep-2015
The off-market purchase at $0.38 cost HK$116m. The shares likely come from conversion of HK$29m of a bond issued to Wong Ka Man completed on 16-Jul-2015 with a conversion price of $0.095, so he has quadrupled his money.
Bubbles and troubles in Hong Kong
Pour yourself a coffee and digest this long article as we investigate several ongoing abusive "open offers" and placings as well as show you who's been making out in multi-billion-dollar bubbles. We call on regulators and rule-makers to take action. (24-Sep-2015)
Hao Wen, Capital VC and Unity
Webb-site finds questionable cash investments at extremely high valuations which link together 3 listed companies. We urge the SFC's corporate misconduct team to investigate. (24-Sep-2015)
Capital VC (2324) sub-underwrites 370m shares of Lerado (1225) open offer
Disclosure of interest, 27-Aug-2015
The primary underwriter is Gransing Securities Co Ltd.
Duncan Chui Tak Keung v MMT & Financial Secretary
HK Court of Appeal, 29-May-2013
MMT submits reports on dealings in Sino Katalytics (now Capital VC, 2324) shares
HK Government, 17-Aug-2012
Final MMT report on Sino Katalytics (now Capital VC, 2324)
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 16-Aug-2012
Duncan Chui Tak Keung & Peter Yau Chung Hong found culpable of false trading, price-rigging & market manipulation
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 9-Jul-2012
SFC sanctions Capital VC and Peter Yau Chung HongOur article of 14-Aug-2011
SFC, 22-May-2012
This case was triggered by Webb-site's article of 14-Aug-2011, when we pointed out that an offer should have been made for Longlife (8037). We regard the 18-month "Cold Shoulder Order" as light in duration. The statement says nothing about the fact that Mr Yau and Longlife combined held more than 30% of Capital VC (2324). Meanwhile, Mr Yau is involved in a separate case with the Market Misconduct Tribunal where a ruling is awaited.
Capital VC (2324) sells 8.85% of Longlife (8037) to Wong Chun HungHis filing
Disclosure of interest, 8-Sep-2011
Vincent Wong Chun Hung was Vice Chairman of Heritage (0412), a member of the "Chung Nam Network", until 19-Aug-2011.He was also a subscriber of shares in Radford (0901) in 2009.
Capital VC (2324): Market Misconduct Tribunal enquiry against 2 EDs
Company announcement, 19-Aug-2011
The company gets around to announcing something that Webb-site pointed out on 14-Aug-2011.
Longlife (8037) resumes trading
Company announcement, 18-Aug-2011
The company fails to mention that it owned about 8.41% of Capital VC (at last filing) or explain why it bought those shares. The announcement is signed by Cheung Hung, Chairman of Longlife. As we noted in our article, he is a former NED of Capital VC.
Capital VC (2324) combined stake in Longlife (8037) with Mr Yau exceeded 30%
Company announcement, 17-Aug-2011
This follows our article of 14-Aug-2011. We alerted the SFC on 11-Aug-2011. CVC says that from 10-Jun-2011 to 28-Jul-2011, it and Mr Yau had a combined stake over 30% in Longlife. CVC will consult the SFC for a ruling or waiver, but defiantly says "irrespective of the result", it will not make a general offer and Mr Yau won't either. SFC urges CVC and Mr Yau to comply with the Takeover Code or face disciplinary action in respect of any breach. Watch this space.
Capital VC (2324) and Longlife (8037)
Our analysis shows that a general offer may have been triggered for Longlife and possibly for Capital VC too. We look at the close relationship between the two and the people involved. We also ask how a person could continue to act as director of a valuer, issuing valuation opinions for numerous listed companies, without disclosing that he was bankrupt at the time. (14-Aug-2011)
Capital VC Ltd (2324) proposes to issue 29.72% of enlarged capital to Willie (0273)Willie announcement
Company announcement, 9-Jun-2011
The subscription is at a 59% discount to NAV at 30-Apr-2011. Capital VC will thereby enter what we call the "Chung Nam Network" which includes several listed companies and 2 other Chapter 21 investment companies: Unity (0913) and Radford (0901), the share graphs of which speak for themselves.
Referal to MMT of Duncan Chui Tak Keung and Peter Yau Chung Hong
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 12-Apr-2011
To determine whether they manipulated the stock of Sino Katalytics (now Capital VC, 2324) ahead of a placing in Jan-2009. Both are directors of the company.
HKEx: no reform to placing mandate...or anything else
HKEx's decision to leave the Rules on dilutive issue mandates unchanged is an insult to investor opinion, expressed by their voting on this matter. Since the 2008 blackout saga, the Government and its regulators are unwilling to upset the local business elite with reforms. As China heads for an international currency, the tycoons are not as important to the market's future as HKEx seems to think they are. (27-Oct-2009)
SEHK rejects Sino Katalytics listing application for placing
Company announcement, 23-Oct-2009
China Northern Enterprises Investment Fund Ltd (2324) and Peter Yau Chung Hong prosecuted
SFC, 3-Nov-2005
SFC prosecutes Mr Chan Lai Keung for disclosure failure
SFC, 3-Nov-2005
SFC prosecutes Mr Chu Yat Lam for disclosure failure
SFC, 6-Oct-2005
Toxic IPOs in HK
In this epic article, we take you through the IPOs of at least 14 listed companies, 3 of which have already led to criminal charges. We explain the inter-relationships between the companies, sponsors, lead managers, auditors and the INEDs. Before you buy another IPO, stop and read this article. (21-Mar-2005)

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